Andres Villalobos – Peru – Trujillo

My name is Andres Villalobos and I am 17 years old

I practice Calistenics and Streetworkout since 4 years now and I am still very motivated, cause I have big goals to achieve within this beautiful sport. I intent to compete a lot on an international level and wish to be a great influencer so people can follow me as an example for training Calisthenics and Streetworkout. In the last 4 years I have developed my skills in Dynamics and Statics. In my country, Peru, the government didn’t support the sport much yet, although it has grown immensely. I once was part of the public too and have seen already lots of people with high standards and skills. More and more athletes appear and search for the right competitions. The help of the AWSCP and other associations is indispensable. They help us on an international level and to gain worthwhile recognition on a global scale.

Lately I have won a South American virtual competition on line, organized by the Colombian Event Organization M7 Rainer, after I found out about it through instagram during the lockdown. A bit down by the quarantaine situation I decided to participate and signed up! I send a video for qualification and came into the advanced league. Juan, Eric Ortiz, Aldo Ray, Nordin were judges for the competition with quite a high level. My First opponent was a Spanish athlete, followed by World champion Victor….that excited me a lot! I have to say he wasn’t in top shape at that moment, but I won the match and from then on every round till I was confronted in the finals with an athlete from my country who I competed with on several occasions before, Frank….. Also this time I won. My country was not so amused but we celebrated.

This was the First International virtual competition I had won, in the past I won regional competitions in Peru and became two times a sub champion on national level. In the beginning my experience of competing in a virtual competition was a bit strange, but during the process and development I noticed I got support from everywhere, which changed the things massively. I got excited to show my skills from the personal environment from my home and pushing it to the maximum level. Now I am able to compete athletes all over the globe. In that perspective it is not so strange that my next goal is becoming a World champion.

In the meanwhile, the reputation of Calisthenics is growing more and more. In the First place because it is a sport that everybody can practice, all over the World, all ages and at all kinds of level. The only thing one needs is his/her own body!

Andres Villalobos

Which comes to the second undeniable aspect: Socializing on a big scale in a World that alienates from its own roots nowadays, creating a lifebuoy that brings a healthy hope for the future! Positive vibes rule this modern discipline as a true sign of the times. Thats why the Calisthenics Club concentrates on providing a digitalized ‘Calisthenics league’ so competing will always be possible, despite the unexpected state of the World.

Calisthenics, when All Lives Matter!  The Sport of the Future.