Competition & Styles
  • Freestyle: 1 against 1 battles, Knock-out battles, Group battles, Routine
  • Power & Strength: Strict-form, Reps & sets, Weighted, Max rep, 1RM, Static hold, Routine
  • Competitions / Qualifiers: National championship
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Saymond Bastos Cespedes Chairman
Hans Barrantes Goméz Vicepresident
Yansy Leiton Venegas Secretary
Georgina Cespedes Carvajal Tressurer
Raúl Alejandro Solano Jimenéz Vocal 1
Marcia Brenes Díaz Vocal 2
Kristel Cascante Bustos Vocal 3
María del Carmen Gómez Conejo Vocal 1v
François Loasiga Cruz Fiscal
About the organization


Our Street Workout and Calisthenics association was born in Alajuela in 2016.

It started as a group of friends who were fans of sports and movement in different disciplines, including bodyweight, parkour and gymnastics.

We met in parks and public spaces to practice, eventually people of all ages began showing interest in what we were doing, seeing in it as a new way of staying healthy and obtaining satisfactory results.

We began to share our trainings motivated by growing non-traditional disciplines, considering them as a valuable inheritance for our society that should not be allowed to fade away. All of the sudden the trainings were transformed into meetings of a rising community, people arrived punctually to each training, showing discipline and dedication. This is how calisthenics began to grow in our country, people from different provinces and ages became interested until the point came when we felt that we should do an activity in which we could gather them all and start something beyond training. As it is well known among people who practice this sport, the support received from important entities in the country is minimal, if not null. We tried to do what would be our first competition (or recreational event according to the municipality) We got the necessary permits and so on, but few days before the community development association of the place made the decision to cancel the activity. This could had been our first roadblock, but instead of becoming discouraged, we saw an area of ​​development and the opportunity to be pioneers of a new vision towards what we consider the sport of a new era.

We sought information with the municipality of the place in question without understanding why it was so difficult to get help in promoting something that will help our society as human movement and sports-related activities are, in an environment where parks are affected for others that instead of adding subtract quality of life. Without much information on how to continue with our vision, we met the Municipal Council of Alajuela, which in this case is the regulatory body, we began to inform ourselves about the ways to make this more formal in order to make it important.

We investigated until we got to the conclusion that the best way to embrace it was to become an Association. We continued doing the needful and investing in these disciplines in which we believe so much and in which we have made a lifestyle. Thanks to the support received by people within the Municipality, we managed to have our first national competition, attended by around 550 people, calisthenics practitioners and with great support from the parkour community!


 We want to make Street workout and calisthenics a discipline that is responsible for training high-performance athletes nationwide. At the same time, training professionals in the area and thus having academies where these athletes can develop and compete both nationally and internationally.


Make calisthenics and street workout a federated sport.

Promote a healthy lifestyle.

Reach communities where we can create a social impact through activities such as exhibitions and workshops that teach the discipline, thus giving new options for life around sport.


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