Competition & Styles
  • Freestyle: 1 against 1 battles, Knock-out battles, Routine
  • Power & Strength: Strict-form, Reps & sets, Weighted, Max rep, Static hold, Routine
  • Competitions / Qualifiers: Regional competitions, National league, National championship, Online competitions
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Noureddine Bargache president
habib aznnah+212661159491
About the organization

Association street workout agadir have been created in 2014 to be one of the first association in Morocco and in north of Africa 100% street workout, 2015 was the first year that we started organized competition in national level and this give us lots of support from athels and people from different age than from outside of Morocco like other association and federation and this give us chance to send our athletes participle in international level and this help lot the future athletes th be more interesting about it.
Our goal as association we are looking forward to getting more energy and share this experience.


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