Competition & Styles
  • Freestyle: 1 against 1 battles, Knock-out battles, Routine
  • Power & Strength: Strict-form, Reps & sets, Weighted, Max rep, 1RM, Static hold, Routine
  • Competitions / Qualifiers: Regional competitions, National championship
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Jamie GeraghtyChairman
Jamie GeraghtyContact person
About the organization

The Irish Calisthenics Institution was created in 2018. This has been developed with the core ethos being to help promote and grow calisthenics as a sport across Ireland.

With the aim to create more clubs across the country, introduce Coaching Accredited courses to improve the standards in coaching calisthenics across the country and to implement an Athlete Development Pathway within the sport that provides a framework and acts as a guide to coaches.

This has been established to create better standards of coaching throughout the country which enables us to develop and improve the sport in Ireland.

With the establishment of Coaching Courses, recommended by leading sports scientists and sports lecturers, these enable us to grow the sport across the country and develop the sport further, with the aim to develop Calisthenics as a recognised national sport, increase participation and establish athletes capable of competing at a professional level.

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