Competition & Styles
  • Freestyle: 1 against 1 battles, Knock-out battles, Routine
  • Power & Strength: Strict-form, Reps & sets, Weighted, Max rep, 1RM, Static hold, Routine
  • Competitions / Qualifiers: National league, National championship
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Jarosław Bulla Chairman
Rafał Wikowski Vice President
Marta Rosiek Board Member
About the organization

The Polish Association of Calisthenics and Street Workout is a leading organization in the field of development of Calisthenics and street workout in Poland. We strive to professionalize the sport discipline by actively acting on many levels, starting from the organization of events aimed at competition between players through conducting classes, workshops or trainings. We accompany processes aimed at creating new training places throughout Poland. We take over the patronage of events organized in the country that meet a high organizational standard, and we grant patronage to sports clubs that meet specific standards that show a professional approach to training. We started our activity with passion in 2014 having no idea about the scale of the project, since 2016 we have been an organization entered in the National Court Register, which allows us to get involved in more and more projects. Our mission is to disseminate, popularize and raise the level of physical culture through training with your own body weight. We are convinced that the sport we are passionate about is available to everyone without age restrictions, from which the youngest will learn the correct movement patterns, and more aware recipients are able to take care of their health. We are the organizer of the “Street Workout National Championship of Poland since 2015. Since the beginning of our activity, we have organized a lot of sporting events of which we are proud. We have specialized training staff who have prepared an original educational program at the level of instructor / trainer. The nearest plans for our organization are the standardization of the discipline in terms of the principles of both Freestyle and Power, education towards being a trainer, reconciliation of the existing community and creating a central base of Polish street workout as a sports facility at the highest level. Our flagship project is the national league “Workout Competition League – WCL POLAND” thanks to which the players taking part in it, despite the competition, are very close with each other. WCL also allowed us to separate enthusiasts from players who have a predisposition to be professionals due to great respect for sport, organizers as well as other players and the refereeing team. Our team consists of people involved in all our activities, at the same time they are enthusiasts active as coaches, club owners or players. Knowing the needs of the community and having a number of opportunities as well as extensive experience, we are able to achieve a lot.


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