Competition & Styles
  • Freestyle: 1 against 1 battles, Routine
  • Power & Strength: Strict-form, Reps & sets, Weighted
  • Competitions / Qualifiers: National league, National championship
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Srđan Arsenović President
Nikola Kojčić Vice President
Filip Radivojević Board Member
About the organization

The idea of the Association was created through constructive talk with popular athletes in Serbia and the problem of lacking the financial needs to make and go to more popular and worldwide competitions. As well as acknowledging all other problems the Athletes faced. So Srđan Arsenović proposed to create a foundation in the form of this association to try and mitigate all this problems and form a healthy community.

  • The Sports Association “The Right Side Of The Street” was created in the vision of fulfilling these goals:
  1. To inform the masses of what exactly Street Workout is as a Sport and to represent it in the light it deserves.
  2. To create and aknowledge the official rules of this sport in Serbia through the unity of the best athletes of this country and then inform the masses.
  3. To Educate people how to properly start with excercising through various tutorials.
  4. To inform the masses and provide them with quick links and locations to various Street workout parks in our country and beyond.
  5. To inform and represent all the Street Workout Crews in Serbia and support them.
  6. To Organise competitions in our Country at the highest level and to Organise a World cup every year if possible for international competition. Thus reward the best Athletes and give unique rewards.
  7. To work towards the offical affirmation of the Sport in our country and beyond.
  8. To launch a unique and first Online Website platform for Street Workout in our country and for other countries as well.


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