FITZONE – Edition #14

14th edition of Fitzone this Sunday, November 7 in “WOD” mode this time 😈    2 modes of entry into the competition available:

-Individual: you run alone, set your best time over the entire set and win 1st place on the individual podium

-Mixed pair: once your partner finishes the entire set, take over and do your best time combined with your pair

Win 1st place on the mixed podium

2 individual prize money (man, woman)

1 mixed duo prize money

10 “trained” judges

2 cameramen / 2 photographers / 1 snack and drink stand

Run and set to be performed as quickly as possible:

Men: 75 Dips 100 Squats 50 Burpees 35 Pull ups 1000m

Women: 50 Pushups 100 Squats 50 burpees 60 Australian pull-ups 1000m sprint


a time limit and eliminatory will be imposed on you beyond this time your disqualification will be automatic time limit: 20mn


via whatsapp: +41766252657


07 Nov 2021


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