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Come and experience the new sport Calisthenics. Get moving and train at your own level with the best guidance given by the best coaches in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Calisthenics Workshop is for everyone at any level.

Doesn’t matter if you are a child, beginner, intermediate or advanced any level is welcome and coaches available to train and learn from.

Bring out the child in you and enjoy exercising with your own body weight.

What you will learn

In the workshop of 24 Oktober we will introduce you to Calisthenics discipline STREET LIFTING. 

This is a weighted based exercise where you learn how to perform a Pull Up or Dip with the maximum amount of weight around your body in correct form, this is called 1 RM MAX.  

This discipline is growing very fast around the globe and has become very populair. 

Also a lot of athletes from other sports like powerlifting or heavy weights can come participate and learn.

All weekly basic Calisthenics lessons will be available for everyone.

Who you will learn it from

Besides having a lot of fun, it’s important to perform the sport in a safe way. This way you can get the most health benefits as well.

That’s why the workshops are provided by the best Calisthenics Coaches from The Netherlands and Belgium. With their professional guidance, you can safely and enjoyably get to experience the sport, whether you’re a beginner or already advanced!

Meet your coaches of the day:

  • Farid Bouchikhi – TCC NL: Youth Trainer

  • Papito Regina – Calisthenics 030 NL: Park Host


  • Ruben Baas NL – Team Barstarzz

  • Coaches will be available for all levels

what it will cost

Absolutely nothing

Sport@Street is a sport project co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ program. 

Everyone is welcome to come and participate regardless of age and physical condition. 

Calisthenics is our passion and we believe that everyone should be able to train at any time from anywhere.

That’s why the workshop is completely free to show you how easy and simple it can be to train by using your own bodyweight.

The only thing we expect from you is that you bring a smile and have fun!

COVID-19 and Calisthenics

The current Covid-19 regulations allow for the workshop to be given without restrictions. Sportevents inside and outside are considered safe while social distancing whenever possible. 

For our safety and yours, please stay at home if you have any symptoms.

For actual information about the regulations, please read here.


24 Oct 2021


12:30 pm - 2:30 pm




Binnenbos Zeist
Hoog Kanje 186, Zeist


The Calisthenics Club


  • Benji Urena
    Benji Urena
    B-Sthenos BE

    Meet coach Benji Urena from Spain. Benji currently lives in Brussels Belguim where he is studying sport science. He is has many years of Calisthenics experriance and is Vice President of the Spanish Calisthenics Federation FESWC.
    Next to that he has his own Calisthenics school called B-Sthenos from where he provides his lessons in Brussels Belguim. Find out more about Benji by clicking on one of these icons.

  • Farid Bouchikhi
    Farid Bouchikhi
    TCC NL: Youth Trainer

    Meet coach Farid Bouchikhi a very wel experienced certified trainer and youth worker in region of Zeist. He is co-founder of The Calisthenics Club and runs the youth development department of the organization. Farid is very experienced in Calisthenics for youth. Read more about Farid by clicking on one of these icons.

  • Paco Podunajec
    Paco Podunajec

    Meet coach Paco Podunajec. He is founder and CEO of The Calisthenics Club and a Calisthenics youth trainer. Paco iOS aswel general manager of the Sport@Street project in the Netherlands under coordination of leading partner organization ECE-Bitola from North Macedonia. Together with 5 countries we are creating more social inclusiveness by promoting the growth of the Calisthenics Sport. Read more about Paco by clicking on one of these icons.

  • Papito Reigina
    Papito Reigina
    Team Calisthenics 030 NL: Park Host

    Meet coach Papito Reigina sportsman of the year 2019 region Zeist and multiple Dutch national Pull up champion. Find out more about Papito by clicking on one of these icons.

  • Ruben Baas
    Ruben Baas
    Team Barstarzz NL

    Meet coach Ruben Baas who is a professional and very well experienced trainer in Calisthenics. Find out more info about Ruben by clicking on one of these icons.

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