Calisthenics Associations

A Calisthenics sports association is a group of people formed for the purpose of performing this athletic sport. 

Calisthenics associations range from organizations whose members perform together, and may perform on other similar events on occasion, watched mostly by family, friends or unknown spectators, to large commercial organizations with professional athletes, which have crews that regularly compete with those of the associations, sport clubs, Calisthenics organizations, gyms and attract very large crowds of paying public. Associations may be dedicated to a single discipline or to several disciplines within the Calisthenics Sports. Types of Calisthenics Associations:                                              

1. The National Governing Body (NGB) Calisthenics Association is a sports association that has a regulatory and sanctioning function. It comes in various forms and has a wide variety. This includes disciplinary action to rule infractions and deciding on rule changes in the sport that they govern, next to the development of Calisthenics in general by coordinating this with its associated organisations. They may cover the Calisthenics Sports at international competitions as well as national championships.                                                                    

The NGB Calisthenics Association can define the way that the sport operates through its affiliated local associations, Sport clubs, Calisthenics organizations, gyms and crews. This is because the Calisthenics Sports have different levels of discipline and skill, so they can organize the people performing their sport by ability and age.                                                                                                                                                              

2. Local Calisthenics Sport Associations are groups of people formed for the purpose of performing this athletic sport on a local scale. They are affiliated to their National Federation or NGB Association, due to governmental  recognized requirements. This differs per country. A local Calisthenics Association is defined as a registered organisation that exists to promote and develop interest in the Calisthenics Sport and its activities. Its focus may be recreational, instructional, competitive or a combination of these types of activities based upon its constitution. Providing regional/district competition throughout the whole year, where the best athletes qualify for the National Championship that is organized by the National Federations or NGB Association. The winners will eventually enter the International Championships. Instructional or recreational practice is part of the daily program as well.

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