Calisthenics Organizations

The Calisthenics Organizations can be called: “For-Profit” Sports clubs, but in practice they focus only on a single sport. These organisations are under a one- ownership structure in which case the club may be referred to as a “sports and entertainment company”. They deliver several disciplines of Street Workout & Calisthenics, including highly competitive crews or individual athletes. They are very popular and have developed into some of the most powerful and representative sports institutions in their countries. The main focus of the “for- profit” Calisthenics Organizations is to promote the sport in a professional and commercial way by organizing competitions along shows on an entertainment basis. Some of these institutions also provide educational programs depending on their specific company policies. Commercial sports providers are defined by their profit-orientation as they are organized in a market- and profit-oriented way. Furthermore, commercial sports providers do not offer opportunities for participation in the organizational decision-making process. The characteristics of commercial sports providers include offering services for active participation in sports, entertainment, health, trends and individual sports, organizational independence, and employing paid staff.

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