Calisthenics in Argentina

Calisthenics, and Street workout, landed in Argentina at the end of 2010, when the first international practitioners began to appear showing their skills on social networks such as YouTube. Amazed by the visual greatness of static tricks and by the ability to control one’s own body, more and more Argentines all around the country began to try this discipline.

At the beginning of 2013, Calistenia Argentina was created as an association dedicated to promoting the discipline at a national level and organizing both tournaments and associated events. In 2014, Calistenia Argentina presented the first Calisthenics and Street Workout tournament in the country. As the discipline did not yet have funding or structure, these first tournaments were held in public squares and financed purely by the effort of the participants and organizers.
Over the years, Calistenia Argentina has organized 7 national championships, 4 South American championships, 6 world pullup days and numerous events and other types of competitions such as the “Strenght Wars” and “Statics Freestyle”, among others.

Nowadays, Calisthenics and Street Workout is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people in Argentina, it has established itself as a relevant discipline in Argentine gyms and national athletes have participated in international competitions. This rapid growth and popularity requires a professionalization of the discipline in such a way that it has the structure, financing, legality and recognition that other popular sports have today. Teamed up with “The Calisthenics Club” and the most relevant calisthenics associations in Latin America and Europe, we are working together to achieve these goals and give Calisthenics the status it deserves both in Argentina and in the rest of the world. Great projects and news are coming soon. Stay tuned!


Posted in Health by Farid Bouchi
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