Calisthenics National Federations

National Federations have the same objectives as an international federation, but within the reach of one country, as the name suggests. They support local associations, event organisations, gyms, clubs and crews and are responsible for their national teams. Next to that they organize the national competitions and provide its winners to the International Championship.

The National Federations have a variety of regulatory functions which include disciplinary action for rule infractions and deciding on rule changes in the sport they govern. They are also in charge of the complete development of the Calisthenics Sports by implementing structures with items like governmental sport projects ( obesity/elderly people/disabled persons/community activation programme etc), youth development programs, educating certified trainers and independent jury members. The National Federations provide certified licenses to their affiliated  associations, sport clubs, Calisthenics organizations, gyms, educational institutions, crews and outdoor parks. Control of safety measurements of the locations, anti-doping policies and promoting new Technologies within the sport are part of the daily job.

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