Competition & Styles
  • Freestyle: 1 against 1 battles, Knock-out battles, Group battles
  • Power & Strength: Strict-form, Reps & sets, Weighted, Max rep, 1RM, Static hold
  • Competitions / Qualifiers: Regional competitions, National championship, Online competitions
  • Other: International tournament
Executive Board members:
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Mike BeerensManaging Director
Mike BeerensContact Persoon
About the organization


Royalbarzz calisthenics organization was founded on the 5th of January by Mike Beerens. With the main goal of organizing competitions, providing workouts and creating national regognition for the sport.

In 2015 Mike Beerens visited the town hall with a plan to create a calisthenics park in Veldhoven. To promote this plan, Mike created a pilot calisthenics competition. After searching for information about competitions and regulations, he found out that in Holland there were very few competitions being organized. After the first succesful pilot events, he knew this was a huge opportunity to start a competition organization.

3 years and a lot of conversations later, the moment is finally here! Since December 11th of 2018 the plan finally was realised. The calisthenics park was officially openend on the 22th of December 2018 by Royalbarzz Calisthenics organization and de minister of sports from Veldhoven.

Since 2015 we create and organize our own calisthenics / street workout competitions with the main goal to promote, shape and provide a stage for practitioners to further develop themselves.

According to Royalbarzz, calisthenics is a sport that should be accessible to anyone and also provides a good contribution to a healthy society. Our main goal is to create and organize responsible calisthenics competetions for all levels, which provides the opportunity for everyone to get to know this sport and automatically contributes to develop and promote the sport environment. Royalbarzz aims for a strong and healthy society, in which calisthenics is indispensable. The calisthenics parks that were placed, make sure that great trainers, athletes and calisthenics enthusiasts, inspire eachother to workout more and live healthier lives. Calisthenics is suitable for everyone, young, old, male or female. Besides the competitions, Royalbarzz also organizes workshops, workouts and other calisthenics activitites.

Helping eachoter. Our motto is “respect all, fear none” in other words; treat everyone with respect and don’t be afraid to join a calisthenics community. Welcoming, helping and strentghten, that’s the culture of this sport. Helping each other to become better, fitter and stronger. Working together in a respectful manner, regardless of what level you start with.

The experienced team of Royalbarzz Calisthenisc Organization that worked really hard for the past 5 years to promote the sport and competition development within Holland, is very proud to provide an important contribution to the national and international sport regognition by organizing our competitions!

In 2020 ROYALBARZZ® has started, next to a calisthenics organization, a sports brand that will provide the calisthenics and street workout scene with high-quality sports equipment, stylish clothing and products that meet high standards. Royalbarzz® the calisthenics brand is started with the great requirement to supply high-quality products and equipment for calisthenics athletes all over the world.


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