Calisthenics Sport Clubs

A Calisthenic Sports Club, sometimes an athletics club or sports community, is a group of people formed for the purpose of playing Calisthenics sports.

Sports Clubs range from organisations whose members play together, unpaid, and may play other similar clubs on occasion, watched mostly by family and friends, to large commercial organisations with professional players which have crews which regularly compete against those of other clubs and attract sometimes very large crowds of paying spectators. Calisthenics Clubs dedicated to a single discipline or to several disciplines within the Calisthenics sport.

A Calisthenics Sport Club is defined as a registered privatized (studio gym), public ( outdoor calisthenics parks) or student organization that exists to promote and develop interest in the Calisthenics sport and the physical activities. A Club’s focus may be recreational, instructional, competitive, or a combination of these types based on its constitution. The involvement in a Calisthenics Sport Club should as well enhance the student’s college experience and contribute to the student’s overall education and wellness.

The Calisthenics Sport Clubs who are competitive will be classified in 2 types:

1- Type A classification: Based on the type of Calisthenics discipline they practise: Freestyle & weighted Calisthenics.
2.- Type B classification: Based on the type of Calisthenics discipline they practise: Basics, Routine, Strict Form and Statics.

Both types A+B provide safety officers and need to follow the guidelines of their injuries and accidents protocol to save guard the wellbeing of its athletes.

The Calisthenics Sport Clubs who are competitive have the purpose to routinely compete in tournaments or games against other teams or individuals from other institutions/organizations. Competitive clubs will tend to have larger budgets due to costs associated with competitions, travel, and safety practices. In order to be considered a competitive club, a Calisthenics Sport Club must meet strict criteria and maintain that on a yearly basis. Within the club there is a competitive structure where competitions throughout the whole year on a regional level are being held. The winners of these competitions go finally to the national championships and so on after winning it to the international championships. The Clubs can provide their own competitive crews as well as individual elite athletes. 

The Calisthenics Sport Clubs who are Instructional/recreational will not engage in competitions but are here for a sportive development and social aspect within its community based on movement development, elderly programs, youth development, disabled people programs, governmental projects and an overall activation plan of calisthenics in general by developing skills in club activity or recreational opportunities within the Calisthenics sport.

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