Calisthenics Sports Academy Workshops

At The Calisthenics Club we offer a huge range of workshop options based on various forms of Calisthenics sport disciplines and special skills.

The programmes will give you all the basic knowledge to get started with Calisthenics training or progress towards more advanced special skills.

Therefore we are proud to say that we offer the highest standards of Calisthenics training with our team of worlds best elite coaches with a huge background as competitive athletes and winners of multiple world championships in their own disciplines.


The team is very well known for their sports achievements, approachability, coaching experience, and sports knowledge to teach you anything within the Calisthenics sports you would like to know. Their passion is to teach and help you achieve your Calisthenics goals and most of all enjoy the journey.

Since the world started to come out of the lockdown we are very motivated to meet everyone again personally and provide you real live workshops.

Next to our online Calisthenics Virtual academy it means you can have the opportunity to meet the world best coaches in person and learn from them.

Enjoy the meet & greet with your favorite coach on location and have a lot of fun during the training sessions.

At the moment we offer 2 different workshop options:


In these 5 hour workshops you will learn all the basic Calisthenics exercises to get you started with the sport. That’s why all levels are welcome even if it’s your first time ever. So find one by clicking the link below and get started today!


In this 5 hour workshop you will learn advanced Calisthenics movements and progressions. You will learn how to progress from advanced to pro level.


In this 5 hour workshop you will be able to learn all the progressions of any advanced skill of the elite coaches. They will teach you how to master your favourite Calisthenics movements like: Planche, Handstand, Human Flag, Muscle up, 1 arm pull ups and much more

After each workshop you will receive your certificate signed by the coach for your participation and you will have the opportunity to speak personally with the coaches and just hangout and have a great time, because Calisthenics it’s about having fun together.



Vitaliy Feschuk

Elite Coach

Vitaliy Feschuk is a multiple Street Lifting World Champion and Coach with more then 18 years of experience.

vadym oleynik

Vadym Oleynik

Elite Coach

Vadym Oleynik is a multiple Strength & Endurance Calisthenics World Champion and Coach with more then 22 years of experience.


Sergio Ordoñez

Elite Coach

Sergio Ordoñez is a Freestyle Calisthenics World Champion, finalist of Spain got Talent and Coach with 9 years of experience.


Viktor Kamenov

Elite Coach

Viktor Kamenov is a multiple Freestyle Calisthenics World Champion, specialized in Static moves and Coach with over 9 years of experience.


Simone Ming

Elite Coach

Simone Ming is a UK Calisthenics National Champion and Coach with over 10 years of experience.


Savina Gabriella

Elite Coach

Savina Gabriella is Freestyle Calisthenics Athlete and Coach with more then 4 years of experience.


Samuel Sotoxine

Elite Coach

Samuel Sotoxine is a multiple Freestyle Calisthenics World Champion and Coach with years 8 of experience.

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