Competition & Styles
  • Freestyle: 1 against 1 battles, Knock-out battles, Group battles
Type of Calisthenics training
  • Reps & Sets
  • Freestyle
Calisthenics Equipment:
Brand name Type of rig Thickness of bar in cm Max width in cm Max height in cm Amount of bar
SPF Bulgaria 220 240
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Jordan Jovchev President
Tsvetan Georgiev Vice President
About the Club

Sport club “Street Fitness Workout Bulgaria” (SWB)

Sport club “Street workout Bulgaria” (SWB) is the first and only street workout club in Bulgaria. It was established in 2016 by the Bulgarian legend in gymnastics Jordan Jovtchev. Under his guidance in 2018 Bulgarian athletes won two medals at the world street fitness workout championship in Moskow. In 2019 bulgarian athletes won 2 silver and one bronze medals in Moskow and second and third plases on the Super final og the world cup in Honk Kong. Cveti Staneva won FIBO tournament in Koln.

Among the aims of the organisation are:

  • Strengthening the development and validation of gymnastics and street gymnastics;
  • To lead and promote projects aimed at the preservation, development and promotion of gymnastics and street work;
  • Supporting and coordinating the activities of its members for development and achievement of prestigious results in gymnastics and street fitness sports;
  • Supporting the sporting activities of its members, as well as providing methodological, scientific and other assistance in carrying out their activities;
  • Organising sporting events and competitions in the field of school sport, sport for people with disabilities and disadvantaged people, in order to achieve the social effect of the Clubs’ activities in the civil society.

Key activities:

  • Organisation of gymnastics and street workout regular trainings and sporting competitions;
  • Preparation of athletes for national and international competitions;
  • Organisation of seminars and events for exchange of methods and ideas in the field of street workout and gymnastics;
  • Organisation of demonstrations of street workout techniques and classes for the general public, including socially excluded groups, in order to promote practicing regular physical activities and healthy lifestyle;
  • Development of parkour as a street sport;
  • In 2017 the Club implemented the project „Healthy spirit in healthy body”, co-funded by the Ministry of youth and sport. The main objective of the project was to prevent the development of addictions by young people from disadvantaged background by training them to practice street sports and gymnastics at outdoor sports grounds. The project activities included: 3-days capacity building training of volunteers in working with young people at risk; development of information materials regarding the different forms of dependencies, risk factors, opportunities for prevention, contacts of support centres; street workout and gymnastics demonstrations in 7 Bulgarian cities.

Leading partner of Erasmus+ Small Sport Collaborative project 2019 – RAISING THE BAR – it aims at using values of sport to empower people from disadvantaged background to lead a healthy lifestyle and empower them to participate actively in society.

The team consists of sports expert with international experience who support the sport performance of the members, as well as to provide methodological, scientific and other assistance. The Club’s activity is directly related to organizing and conducting sports events and competitions in the field of school sport, sport for people with disabilities and disadvantaged people.

SFWB has official sport club license by the Ministry of Youth and Sport and is member of the Bulgarian Sport Gymnastics Federation.