*BarZtumpertZ Utrecht*

Founded in the beginning of 2017 by four students who lived in the same building. All of them had different sport backgrounds. Instead of choosing a more mainstream strength-sport, we got interested in calisthenics.

The creativity of the sport, and the different kind of disciplines in the sport (bodyweight reps and sets, weighted reps and sets, freestyle) is what got us interested.

When we started in Utrecht, there wasn’t a real calisthenics parc. So we learned the basics in all kinds of different settings. In playgrounds for children, senior parks and on soccer fields.

As we progressed in calisthenics, we also met different kind of people. Our calisthenics crew, and also the community in Utrecht, slowly started to grow.

It was no longer the four of us. We were getting more diverse: male & female, student & non-student.

Slowly the crew became bigger, better and stronger. Everyone got hooked on their own preference of the sport. Some people went to focus on the freestyle part, others preferred bodyweight reps and sets and some of us likes to mix it up with weighted calisthenics and weightlifting.

In 2019 the crew started to compete in competitions with a large of number of people. No longer a select few members where the ‘competition crew’, lots of members wanted to test their strength and skills on the competition stage!

As BarZtumpertZ we are really proud to see a lot of women competing in the Netherlands.

We as a crew realized we are more than just a sportcrew, we are a real (calisthenics) family. Everyone is welcome to join the Calisthenics community in Utrecht!


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