• What will you learn: You’ll learn to give classes and personal training in calisthenics in a safe and professional way.
  • Time frame per lesson: 360 minutes
  • Time frame per total program: 6 weeks
Executive Board members:
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Nathan van DomspelerChairman
About us

Who and what is the COI?

 The Calisthenics Educational Institute (COI), is the first and so far the only, educational institute in Holland, that focuses fully on calisthenics and functional fitness. That makes the COI the go to educational specialist when it comes to calisthenics and functional fitness. Through the COI you can start as a coach in training and it gives you the possibility  to follow a licensed education to become a certified trainer.

Our team consists of the best and most highly trained functional fitness athletes and trainers in the Netherlands. Our expertise lies in the field of Sport management & Entrepreneurship, Communication Sciences, Fitvak, NASM, Sport & Nutrition, Physical therapy and Marketing.

By bundling our knowledge and experiences, the COI has developed various training courses. COI offers several training courses, each aimed at “functional fitness”. That means that during your workout, you’re not stuck to the isolating exercises that are done on machines, instead you have a wide range of body movement with these exercises. This is because there will be trained more with your own bodyweight. This way, movements from your daily life can be simulated, which builds functional strength. Strength you really need in your daily life. The COI responds to this by offering training courses with a focus on functional strength. The advantage of calisthenics is the fact that you can workout anywhere, both in the gym and outside in calisthenics parks. Educations we provide:

Calisthenics Trainer A:

The Calisthenics Trainer A course is intended for anyone who wants to teach calisthenics classes at a high level. There is no entry level. Everyone can start with the calisthenics trainer A course. For instance beginning trainers, fanatics, personal trainers and gym owners. This education contains the manual ‘Calisthenics trainer A’, which will be hand out to all participates. All students can take this guide home and check it whenever they want. During this class, you will learn the basics of calisthenics and teaching. For instance theoratical knowlegde about the anatomy, the human movement system and practical knowledge about teaching in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

Calisthenics Trainer B:

This course is the sequal of calisthenics-A and focuses on teaching as a personal trainer (PT) within calisthenics. The education contains the manual ‘Calisthenics trainer B’, which is a manual drafted by professionals. This book contains information about calisthenics and teaching from a scientific perspective. During this education you will get deeper into fields such as specific anatomy, advanced calisthenics exercises, individual guidance, sales, branding and nutrition.

The COI distinguishes itself opposed to other educators, because they are the only educational institute that fully focuses on the popular trend calisthenics. All our educations are unique and are being provided from enthusiastic and driven calisthenics athletes.

Meanwhile, over 200 students throughout the Netherlands, have been educated by us as a certified calisthenics trainer!


Our mission is: “Quality from passion”. With this slogan we indicate our 2 most important keywords. With this, our mission is to provide the best quality in the courses by transferring knowledge, experience and passion!


The COI started from a passion for calisthenics. With the vision to lift the profession of calisthenics trainer to the highest possible level and therefor make the sport more famous and professional in the Netherlands. Through our mission and vision, we want to remain the best and largest education in the Netherlands, aswell as the Benelux.


The COI’s goals are grand and ambitious. Therefor you can devide our goals into strategic long-term goals and concrete short-term goals.

The long-term goal is to remain the biggest and best education in the Benelux, specifically focused on Calisthenics. We aim to provide annually at least 10 courses per country in the future!

In the short term, the COI wants to spread more widely in the Netherlands. Where we now offer an average of 3 training locations, we want to double this to 6. Besides that we want to start working more closely with different organizations and unions to secure the quality of our courses and they’re keep growing with the developments in the growing world of Calisthenics.

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