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European Calisthenics Event

Co-funded by the European Union logo
Co-funded by the European Union logo

Introduction to EUCE

Project Description

EUCE | Calisthenics, a safe, healthy and easy sport for everyone. This European project for not-for-profit sport events is a collaborative effort between 10 European partner countries and is co-funded by the European Union. 

This document describes completely the 2022-2024 strategy plan for the Sport of Calisthenics and the health and wellbeing through Calisthenics for all European citizens and beyond.

EUCE European Calisthenics Event
Calisthenics Elite Coaches giving instructions

For Coaches and Trainers Globally

Elite Coach Manual

Calisthenics is an amazing way to improve your health through exercise. However, as with any other sport, it’s important that you perform the movements in a safe and proper way. For this reason we’ve developed the Elite Coach Manual for the community of Calisthenics coaches and trainers globally, containing everything you need to know about practising and teaching the sport safely.

standardized competition

Competition Rulebooks

A clear, standardised ruleset is important for fair competition globally. To ensure everyone is playing by the same rules and know what they should prepare for in training, we’ve developed the following rulebooks in cooperation with professionals in the field.

Project Files

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