Competition & Styles
  • Freestyle: 1 against 1 battles, Group battles
  • Power & Strength: Strict-form, Reps & sets, Weighted, 1RM
  • Competitions / Qualifiers: National league
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Vincent VerhoefPresident
About the federation

The Dutch Calisthenics Union (Nederlandse Calisthenicsbond) NLCB

From playground games tot the Olympic Games

The Dutch Calisthenics Union 

The Dutch calisthenics union was founded on the 7th of December in 2018. As the name predicts, the NLCB is the national sport union for the calisthenics sport in all its shapes. We operate as an indepenent sport union to take care of the sport its needs. We operate as a network organization to help anyone with a strong interest in calisthenics. We actively commit ourselves to consolidate and promote the sport in all its facets on top-, match- and wide range sport-, level. Every calisthenics athlete should develope in a safe and high quality manner. We want to unite the calisthenics community into one national organ that defends the interests of the sport and its practitioners.

Top sport environment

From the first step young people take, they should be able to dream about a future in calisthenics. We want to create a top sport environment to practise calisthenics by excellent facilities, certified accomodations and innovation. The right training and guidance is essential for all ages to develop in an optimal manner and create the possibility to make calisthenics their main profession and to reach the top of the world. Holland should be a leading example in the international sports environment. The children of today are the Olympic athletes of tomorrow.

Social role

The Dutch society suffers from movement poverty. We encourage movement and anchor it within the society, making sure the sport is accessible for anyone. We let children experience the fun and simplicity of its exercises in an early stage. Because of the accessibility and versatility of this sport, calisthenics is suitable for anyone. Calisthenics has the potential to become a regular routine within the daily life of the society. Especially in our younger years we develop most of our mobility skills. Therefor it is very important to introduce the young generation in a fun and natural way to exercise.

Online platform

To make the NLCB more appealing and accessible, the union operates online. We believe that the sport will be experienced more trough the internet in the future. Athletes decide for themselves, with help from the online platform,  where and when they want to workout and if they want to participate in a competition. We don’t only see a calisthenics park as an amazing play and workout area, we also see it as a place where sport dreams exist and talent get’s discovered.


The Dutch Calisthenics union developes, represents and promotes calisthenics as a full worthy sport with the goal to unite and inspire everyone that’s interested in calisthenics. We want to create a sport environment in which calisthenics can be included in the daily routine, by anyone, at any time and anywhere in a safe manner.


The Dutch calisthenics union wants to be a professional and financial healthy sports union that offers great value to a community. This is possible by supporting and facilitating the sport, aswell as creating a platform where calisthenics knowledge, expertise and experience meet practice. This contributes to our mission of having calisthenics become a regular part of the daily routine in our society. By creating enough movement, we want to improve the health and sport accomplishments on any level. Our greatest goal is to be able to register calisthenics as an official Olympic sport someday.


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