From the Playground to the Olympics

Shouldn’t everybody know about the wonderful world of Calisthenics?
This sport is so versatile and approachable that it’s suitable for everyone, young and old.

It is a shame we still have to fight for recognition of Calisthenics as an official sport. Without recognition people will approach it as a sport belonging to the streets, while in the meantime it has been practiced on a global level. The Netherlands have even a worldchampion Freestyle in their ranks (Melanie Driessen- 2019). 

The platform of the Calisthenics Club offers more transparency from its innerworld so everybody can watch the development of this modern sport.

From the moment youngsters get in touch with calisthenics they can dream about a future in this sport. To realize this dream calisthenics should have the stage it really earns and it is also important that the sport can be practiced the same way everywhere, national as well as international. That is why the Dutch Federation (NLCB) stimulates the sport constantly, to develop and to professionalize. For example: We publish a NLCB certificate of Calisthenics accommodations like parks, gyms or schools, to serve certain directions and safety requirements to optimize the sport in general.

We introduced the Video Assistant Referee to support jury members while taking decisions during games, matches. The only goal is creating a fully-fledged and recognized sport.

Worldwide Calisthenics federations an athletes run into the same issues. To learn from each other or to strengthen and inspire each other, it is essential for different federations to enter into international cooperation. The sport it not limited by boundaries, needs to unite on a global basis. Working together as one to establish a Universal sport. Concerned to this think about universal rules, independent jury members and certified accommodations. By combining forces we work together on our common dream, namely Calisthenics becoming an Olympic Game.

United on the Platform.

The Calisthenics Club contributes to vision and mission because the online platform brings structure and tranparency within this moving sportsworld, to put a standard and erase the quality of this particular sport. By communicating through the Calistenics Club Platform we appeal to a bigger audience and everybody can see how we, among different national federations, help to create a healthier sports climate for every athlete, beginner or pro. Moreover foreign countries still without an official federation can follow the developments of the already existing ones, apply them and grow as a federation themself. Also addressed to governmental organisations and big international platforms, it is important to propagate that which on a professional and safe manner has already been practiced widely. Only then the sport will get the recognition it deserves, finally leading to the integration of Calisthenics as an upcoming sport within the ranks of the Olympic Games.

Dream of sports within reach.

Calisthenics is able to reach people all over the World, just by the use of your own body or eventually with the help of some tools like a bar for instance. Children of today are the Olympic athletes of tomorrow. We create a future for the youngest generation as soon as they touch that bar, so they can chase their own sportive dreams. 

Let’s make that dream come true!

Vincent Verhoef, NLCB

Author: Maurits P.

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