Competition & Styles
Type of Calisthenics training
  • Basic
  • Reps & Sets
  • Freestyle
  • Group lessons
  • Personal Training
Calisthenics Equipment:
Brand name Type of rig Thickness of bar in cm Max width in cm Max height in cm Amount of bar
Barmania Pro Freestyle, Classes 3.4 190 282 46
Extra Calisthenics equipment: 2x weighted vests, 2x weighted belts, 250kg weights, 8 ab wheels, 5 climbing ropes, 5 battle ropes, 6x paralettes, 5x gymnastic rings, 2x double P-bar, 8x kettlebells, 40x resistance bands, 40x jumping ropes
Special Calisthenics Facilities
15x fallings mats, 1x thick falling mat, 180m2 damping floor
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Tommy GillingManaging Director
Dean LouwrenssenManaging Director
About the Gym

Bodyweight Sports is a one-of-a-kind Calisthenics gym with its own unique concept in Calisthenics group classes. Since the establishment in 2015, the concept developed every year in terms of types of classes and events. The athletes and gym members can participate in a wide range of classes like, Reps & setts, Freestyle, Break-up, Kickass, Crosstraining and Basics. Each class has its own level. The top athletes and beginners can easily participate in the same class, which makes the group feeling even better. The motivation is at a high level when coaches Dean and Tommy ( also athletes ) provide the participants with unique and practical information during the sociable trainings. To learn the most advanced exersizes in Calisthenics, and to get the motivation needed for a hard but wonderful sport like Calisthenics, Bodyweight Sports is the place to be!

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