Competition & Styles
Type of Calisthenics training
  • Basic
  • Statics
  • Reps & Sets
  • Group lessons
  • Personal Training
  • Other
Calisthenics Equipment:
Brand name Type of rig Thickness of bar in cm Max width in cm Max height in cm Amount of bar
Barmania Pro Basic Rig 3.3 190 250 12
Extra Calisthenics equipment: Rings, Weight vest, Free Weights, Resistance bands, Parallettes
Special Calisthenics Facilities
Squat Reck, Bench press, Swedish Wall, Fall mats, Demped artificial grass floor
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Michael WoerdmanManaging Director
Yannick WoerdmanManaging Director
About the Gym

The Calisthenics Family Gym is the first gym in Nijmegen, the Netherlands that focuses entirely on calisthenics. The gym was founded by the brothers Michael & Yannick of Calisthenics Family. The gym is established to practice the sport of Calisthenics jointly with the members and fans of the Calisthenics Family.

This gym is intended for everyone, at any level (beginner or advanced) who wants to strengthen themselves physically and mentally. The calisthenics sport is often associated with well-trained athletes and a high level of training experience. However, we would like to emphasize that this is a wrong picture. We train with our own body weight and every individual regardless of your training experience is very accepted by us and the members of the gym. This allows everyone to start this sport in a very accessible way and within our gym. It may therefore be said that our gym is unique in the way

In this gym, aspects such as progressing together, community formation and a shared passion for the sport of calisthenics, are the main motives that bring the members together. What makes the Calisthenics Family Gym different from most “bodyweight training” gyms is that we offer the possibility to let the members exercise freely. We also work with a card system that allows members to exercise at any time 24-7. In addition, classes and lessons are also provided to spread knowledge and support members in their goals.

Members interact and the variation in our members.

Finally, the gym periodically organizes events such as workshops, club days and club competitions to share knowledge, promote training progression and strengthen the community feeling.

So do you want to become fitter and stronger in which individual training is possible, but in which a joint group of enthusiastic members strive for the same goals and help each other? Then sign up at the Calisthenics Family Gym!



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