Competition & Styles
Type of Calisthenics training
  • Basic
  • Reps & Sets
  • Freestyle
  • Group lessons
  • Personal Training
Calisthenics Equipment:
Brand name Type of rig Thickness of bar in cm Max width in cm Max height in cm Amount of bar
Barmania Pro Freestyle indoor/Freestyle outdoor/Basic rig 3.37 220 250
Extra Calisthenics equipment: Rings, Variation of parallettes, foam pit
Special Calisthenics Facilities
Big foam pit (mat)
Executive Board members:
Full NameJob Title
Sander de BruinManaging Director
About the Gym
Primitive Gym is the most complete Calisthenics gym in the Netherlands!
We got everything you need to take your freestyle, basic or statics game to the next level. A lot of elite athletes from the Netherlands visit Primitive on a regular base. Not only the equipment but also the people and vibes are next level. Our Barmania Freestyle rig will never be used for group training or PT sessions.
That means that whenever Primitive is openend you can join or make a sick freestyle session, we will never disturb you!
Besides Calisthenics Primitive gym has a lot other types of workout to offer.
Wanna kill legday? Use our Freeweight/ Powerlift equipment or our plate loaded machines!
Take your conditioning to the next level in one of our hiit workouts!
We also offer Calisthenics, Power, Bootcamp and Bag classes on a daily base.
Every day more than 150 people can join a group session in Primitive!
Never seen Primitive on the inside? You really missing out!

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