How it works

This is how the platform works: 

By creating an account in The Calisthenics Club platform, you as an individual or organization are helping out Calisthenics gain its International  Sports recognition. 

By means of registered athletes, trainers, crews, organizations, sporty members or even just interested public we create insight in the complete Calisthenics culture, to bring it on the level it finally deserves. 

 How to create your account
1. Register yourself on the platform.

Choose the accounts you want to sign up to..
2. Choose the account type:
User, Trainer or Athlete Account.
Organization account

Complete information
3. Fill out all the information required in the accounts

Profile your crew upon request.
4. Add your crew to The Calisthenics Club platform!

Add locations!
5. Add a location that’s not within reach yet, like gyms, clubs and parks.

Get approved!
6. After registration has been approved, your profile becomes visible on the platform and is ready for use.

The Calisthenics Club will only accept correct and right information of its user, trainers, athletes or organizations. All content and Information will only be accepted in English language due to International Sports and language requirements. It is our Organization policy to protect and maintain the quality of the platform and all its members and users in all aspects by only publishing right and correct information. 

Any false, misleading or offensive information will be immediately removed from the platform and will be prohibited to make any use of it again.

What to find on our Calisthenics Platform ?

The Calisthenics Club is an organization offering an international  online Sports platform to give structure to all aspects thinkable about this sport. To bring a clear view on the Street Workout & Calisthenics sport in general. What does this mean?

– Official National Federations.
– Official NGB Associations.
– Official local Associations.
– Official Sport Clubs

– The Calisthenics Organizations (For- Profit) – The Calisthenics Gyms

– The Educational Institutes and their specific methods.
– Outdoor Locations all over the World.

– Calisthenics Trainers and their profiles.
– Athletes marketing and their profiles. 
– Crews and their stories.
– Interviews with elite athletes or trainers.

And more…

– International Calisthenics Event Calendar.
– Registration options for competitions, events, workshops and education.

– Calisthenics International Sports news.
– Calisthenics related Blogs and Vlogs.

– Space for promotion, sponsors, partners and advertising.
– Webshop.

Advantages of an Account:

  • Being part of the Calisthenics Sports recognition process.
  • Providing universal insight in its competitive athletes.
  • Athletes marketing and promotion.
  • Trainers marketing and promotion.
  • Promote your story like Athlete or Trainer.
  • Promote your Crew and its story.
  • Promote your Calisthenics Organization.
  • Insight and use of the Events Calendar.
  • Direct registration on competitions, events, workshops and educations.
  • Transparency in plural categories.
  • Exchange of Information.
  • Mutual Communication.
  • Process Development.
  • Accessibility.

The Calisthenics Club will continue to build within its platform constant new features and introduce them in parts, due to the Calisthenics Sports professionalization process. This will offer more advantages and functional use of the platform to its members and users Welcome to The Calisthenics Club

The Sport of the Future

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