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Your great heroes, true sports legends they are! You watch all the sports images and documentaries and wear their head on your shirt. Everyone has a legend to look up to. But why leave it at that when you can become a legend yourself?

Our Slogan: Legends aren’t born, you become one

That statement inspired us. Legends aren’t born, they become them through hard training and a lot of dedication. If they can do it, so can you! All with the help of Legend.

Legend Sports: supporter of rising legends
Legend’s mission: helping you with your mission! Legend Sports trains just as hard with you (in our case by constantly improving the product line) and with a lot of dedication. Only the best is good enough for our rising legend (you)!

Train like a legend
To train like a legend you need the right gear. Legend Sports has it for you and Legend makes it for you. Whatever you need, everything is (rising) legend proof!

  • A fitness shirt that keeps your body temperature optimal and wicks away sweat.
  • Boxing gloves that survive your hammer blows and keep your knuckles intact.
  • Kickboxing shin guards that ensure that your pruning hard kicks do not immediately ruin everything.
  • Fitness gloves that eat more iron than Iron Man can handle.
  • A punching bag that you can go all out on, and want to see even more when it has seen all corners of the gym.
  • Judo mats on which you break your fall unharmed time after time, while dents are already starting to appear in the floor.
  • Or rather a fitness floor or a floor that you can flexibly arrange with puzzle mats and offers you all the protection, grip and stability you need.


Okay, you train hard and are equipped with Legends legendary good fight gear and fitness gear. But training hard alone is not enough. We talked about dedication and that means living like a legend.

Live like a legend
And that starts with the right food and the right outfits. So clear out that kitchen cupboard: chips out (okay, one bag can stay), Legend’s sports nutrition in it. All those casual clothes can also come out of the closet, because from now on you will only wear Legend lifestyle clothing: casual and sporty.

Our lifestyle clothing wears wonderfully, so that you can get through your day relaxed. And do you still want to go wild? This clothing is also prepared for that. Bring it on! Do you make sure you leave a few neat outfits to collect your prizes? Legend shirt under your neat jacket, Legend cap, nice pattas underneath and you are completely the male / female!

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