Pull Up Bars, Parallel Bar, Wall Bars
Calisthenics, Outdoor Fitness, Bodyweight Exercises (BWE) / Bodyweight Fitness, Sling Trainer Workouts, Ninja Warrior, Poledancing, Functional Training, Parkour, Bootcamp Workout, Obstacle Races, Personal Fitness Training, Martial Arts, Climbing
Outdoor Fitness Park / Outdoor Gym, Calisthenics Park / Street Workout Park

Iglino Calisthenics Park in Russia. Next to the basketball court in the cetre of the village you find a street workout park with heaps of bars for your workout, This outdoor gym offers pull up bars for muscle ups, high bar, swedish wall bars for human flag and a set of high parallel bars for dips (best exercises to work your chest). This exercise park is made for outdoor fitness like freeletics (gym), parkour strength workout, outdoor fitness, calisthenics workout, street workout, bootcamp training, free running and ninja warrior workout.

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