Pull Up Bars, Parallel Bar, Wall Bars, Push Up Bars
Calisthenics, Outdoor Fitness, Bodyweight Exercises (BWE) / Bodyweight Fitness, Sling Trainer Workouts, Ninja Warrior, Functional Training, Parkour, Bootcamp Workout, Obstacle Races, Personal Fitness Training
Grass / Artifical Turf
Fitness Trail / Trim Parcours / Trim Path, Outdoor Fitness Park / Outdoor Gym, Calisthenics Park / Street Workout Park, Parkour Park
Kettlebell, Gymnastic Rings, Gym Chalk, Resistance Bands / Pull Up Bands, Training gloves / Fitness gloves, Push Up Handles

Calisthencis gym wiht outdoor exercise equipment between Västgöta and Hallands Nation in Lund (sweden). This outdoor gym includes two pull up bars, parallel bars, and a swedish wall for bodyweight fitness training. The spot is public but very hidden in the building. Also a good spot for street workout routines, bootcamp workout and also fitness apps (Freeletics, Madbarz, MovesDB, YKings).

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