Pull Up Bars, Parallel Bar, Monkey Bars, Wall Bars, Push Up Bars, Snake bars
Calisthenics, Outdoor Fitness, Bodyweight Exercises (BWE) / Bodyweight Fitness, Sling Trainer Workouts, Ninja Warrior, Poledancing, Functional Training, Parkour, Bootcamp Workout, Personal Fitness Training
Safety Tiles
Outdoor Fitness Park / Outdoor Gym, Calisthenics Park / Street Workout Park

Sandersdorf-Brehna Calisthenics Park in Germany. Next to the sports ground of the “SG Union Sandersdorf” football club you have a outdoor gym for street workout build in 2016. The workout park offers pull up bars for muscle ups, a monkeybar, double parallel bars, low bars for push ups, snake bars and swedish wall bars for human flag workout. This exercise park is made for athletes which train calisthenics workout, freeletics (gym), parkour strength workout, bodyweight workout, bootcamp workout, outdoor fitness and ninja warrior workout.

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