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We are Calisthenics Zwolle. In Zwolle we are the ambassadors of practicing calisthenics in the open air. We provide group lessons, clinics, personal training and duo training in Zwolle and the surrounding area. Jermaine Lubbers has been a physical education teacher for 15 years and has been a qualified and gifted calisthenics trainer for many years. In recent years, calisthenics workshops have been given within physical education on national and regional study days of the KVLO with the aim of making the sport known, so that the sport is also offered within physical education. Calisthenics Zwolle has experienced trainers who always consider the quality of movement more important than the quantity.

Hooked Tournament is the world's largest Tricking event and is considered the World Championship of Tricking. Tricking might not be a household name (yet) for some however you’ve all seen it in the blockbusters! Most stunt people use tricking as a base to get into the stunt world. It's an impressive discipline that combines kicks, flips, twists and more from various types of movement such as martial arts, gymnastics, breakdance, capoeira, etc. It's about pushing your limits and it aims to achieve an aesthetic display of different combinations of “tricks”, and also, it's a very exciting sport to watch!

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