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Open Workshops

Workout Area 1

14:00 - 15:30

IPitup presents the ACTIVITY BENCH, compact street furniture that facilitates a unique range of physical exercises. An all-in-one tool to develop and activate movement-friendly urban spaces. Recognised by the EU as an innovative practice to lower the threshold to physical activity.

Animal Flow is a form of movement in which you move on all fours on the floor. Animal Flow includes a series of moves that can be combined with each other. These movements are divided into categories that we call the 'six components'. 

What really matters at Animal Flow is increasing the connection with one's own body, communication within one's own body and the functionality of one's own body. That is precisely the reason why the body is moved on and over the ground with hands and/or feet.

Get stronger and fitter with Obstacle Gym Purmerend. We are a unique gym that offers the ultimate combination between a tough course and fitness. At Obstacle Gym you can train indoors and outdoors as an individual or within a group.

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