Peru and the Streetworkout of Latin America

History of Calisthenics & Streetworkout in Peru.

If we go back for decades (to be exactly 40 years) Peru had a diffusion of physical activities from the schools and army. In the zones of parks with green areas, you always could find barz, parallettes, hoops and benches to practice the abdominals. There was no modern designed variation of set ups like nowadays, but the street was sending out a fundamental message: Practice!

The Calisthenics movement came to stay in the streets and houses, as a revolutionary fitness sport! It is important to mention that some ages ago Calisthenics parks actually existed already in a smaller version and allowed people to develop physical discipline and control bodyweight by workouts in the street. Calisthenics and Street workout developed itself in a competitive way since approximately ten years. Technology and social media were of great help to Peru and made it possible to congregate in big numbers with Young athletes, who could compete in the First regional championship, making the road clear to other cities to copy and achieve the same methods. The First crews to give Calisthenics a competitive structure were called: District and Kantu, and developed small tournaments. This started to grow and became more and more popular, promoting teams of Young athletes who compete to be the best and to have the biggest amount of athletes in their crews.

In the wake of the popularity of Calisthenics and Street workout, the First National Championship established a posterior league with rankings in different categories. A little later the First Calisthenics Association established itself in Peru, starting to organize better tournaments and competitions for the entire country; the Peruvian Provinces.

Some of the First Peruvian Associations, to mention but a few:

  1. ASWCP: Association StreetWorkout & Calisthenics Peru.
  2. Association Perua the Calisthenics & Streetworkout.
  3. Association Piurana the Streetworkout & Calisthenics.
  4. Association Streetworkout The Truillo.
  5. Association ISW.

Urban Aspects:
Calisthenics & Streetworkout in Peru offered a different alternative to propose a sport in the streets, by the supply of more complex designed parks, comprising installations of bars and gyms, where new Young generations congregate and exchange techniques or different routines for both men and women. Lately Calisthenics Parks increased immensely over a variety of cities and districts of Peru, with only the strength of the same youth that demonstrated the wish to contribute to the objective message of the community. Some of the municipals joined forces to make clear that Calisthenics as a sport has a social stragetic input.

Social Aspect:
Nowadays the people in Peru are aware of the discipline Calisthenics and realize that practicing in parks is more dynamic, more fun. Peruvian Athletes found out about the social aspects of the sport and show up at the different tournaments and championships Athletes of other disciplines like soccer, MMA, or volleybal for instance, hailed Calisthenics as a free sport and on top of that with lots of additive training possibilities to lighten up their own discipline!
We know about several cases where unemployed people and those with some bad habits found an opportunity to move forward with their lives in an acceptable way by discovering Calisthenics with its strength and dedication.

Economic Aspect:
The Calisthenics Society allowed its athletes to develop their own proper brands and business to monetize for sustenance and further Construction of new workout parks. And also to continue realizing more championships. Brands and Sponsors have already seen a great potential market in Calisthenics to develop and invest under the auspices of athletes within this discipline themselves.

Institutional Aspect:

As an example, let’s talk about one of the associations that stands for Calisthenics as a professional and formal sport.  La associacion Streetworkout & Calistenia del Peru ‘ASWCP’ fulfils an essential part in developing the First championships in a massive way in collaboration with municipalities and governing entities from Peru. It concentrates on trying to spread Calisthenics and Streetworkout as a formal and social sport. The ASWCP introduced  ‘Calisthenics Pilots’ in schools over different districts and it was the First organization to develop  ‘ the Day of the Dominated’, better known as  ‘The World Pull-up Day’ in 4 consecutive years.

The ASWCP also realized the First Benefit Tournament, heading steps to massive competitions and keeps broadcasting and massifying this discipline, believing that technology is fundamental, a tool, to strengthen the whole of Calisthenics. At the same time the ASWCP is making gestures to count on strategic partnerships. One of them is called: Instituto Peruano del Deporte (IPD) Peru.  In cooperation the basic foundation is established and strengthened and allowed us to develop a future for the First federation Street Workout & Calisthenics from Peru in a professional way and at a national level.

The ASWCP proposes to certify athletes and judges to regulate the basis of Street Workout  & Calisthenics in Peru, or to manage the coherence of the different districts and associations from Peru. Actually the ASWCP creates strategic alliances with different countries and organizations in Latin America. Like in Europe adaptation  and changing of knowledge and league standards at a global level is the intention.

Street Workout & Calisthenics from Peru at International Level.

 A lot of our athletes made themself familiar through the national championships in our country, realized by a variety of organizations, so we can’t ignore highlighting pioneer athletes with a wonderful track record ljke: Raul Montoya, Aaron Zegarra, who represented us on an internatinal scale. Nor can’t we ignore Giancarlo Ponce’s huge potential going viral globally by social media. And don’t forget about our international champion Diego Zamalloa, as well as some new promising talents like Andres Villaboso and Ramiro Mercado, both champions in different manners as mentioned before.

Peru and the Pandemic

These days we see an international health crisis; COVID 19 and the related lockdown have affected  sport in all its forms.  But to us Calisthenics is exceptionally suitable to practice at home. Lots of Peruvian athletes have started to participate in virtual competitions, given the opportunity to people to learn about this sport and practice in their own houses.

Actually through virtual tournaments we see new opportunities for our athletes. Not long ago on a tournament called the Virtual Games, Peruvian Athletes reached the spotlights by winning First places in their own discipline, showing big competitive potential from Peru to the whole continent. Andres Villaboso/champion- category free style advanced and Ramiro Mercado/champion- category basics advanced.

Projection on Peru.

We are convinced there will be a great future for Street Workout and Calisthenics to develop, and not only on a sportive – but also on a social level. We utilize tools allowing us to carry out this objective to realize conventions and alliances with governing entities to consolidate this sport completely in our country.

Furthermore Peru is notably wellknown for its cultural heritance, with an enormous archeological variety. Who hasn’t heard about Machupichu, the land of the Inca’s?

Next to our praised gastronomics we expect that soon Peru can become the next power in Calisthenics and Street Workout!

Author: Maurits P.