Priscilla Moreno – Virtualbars Champion

In today's article we are presenting you Venezuela's female athlete called Priscilla Moreno. She won the Venezuelan National Championship.

Venezuelan Virtualbars Champion Priscilla Moreno

In today’s article we are presenting you Venezuela’s female athlete called Priscilla Moreno.

She recently won the Venezuelan National Championship through an online tournament called Virtualbars. This event was hosted by Gamma Workout, took over two months, and has proven to be a great success.

Priscilla Moreno smiling

I have won 1st  place in the National Virtual Bar Championship and I feel very proud of my achievements. It has been a nice journey and I would like to share my experiences with the world to inspire more female athletes in my country to the sport. You can achieve anything in life if you work hard and dedicated to it. Make sure you don’t slide off the road you’re taking. Consistency is the key to success!

In this competition, it was important to show the level in the female category in Venezuela for the sport. In Venezuela the sport is still young and especially among the females. Despite that I was amazed by the level of female athletes competing and this motivated me to perform even better and stronger.

There were 8 female athletes competing and after the first round, 4 females were left for the semi-finals. The competition level was very high and it was a big battle. The judges had a hard job making decisions. We got judged on 4 elements: dynamics, statics, dynamic power, and combinations.

Experience of Virtual Tournaments

My experience in competing in a virtual competition was great because I had all the time to prepare myself well and how I will present myself as an athlete. 

The difference between live physical competitions and virtual ones is that in virtual ones you work more on perfection and have a better possibility of preparing yourself for the battle. This is good because you are not under pressure. 

I’m super satisfied with the organization who has done an excellent job and has worked very organized and professional. Despite the Covid- situation they have found to work around restrictions and unpredictable situations. My compliments to them and thank you for everything.

Priscilla Moreno performing a handstand on paralettes near a lake

My goals for the sport are to keep competing more and to be able to represent my country on an international level.

I would like to send out the message to all the female athletes that bars are not only for men and that when I began I couldn’t even make 1 pull-up. Start with the basics and work yourself up physically and mentally.

Priscilla Moreno

Priscilla Moreno is a Venezuelan Calisthenics Athlete that loves competing. She has recently won a national championship

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