Ramiro Mercado – Peru – Champion Virtual Competition.

My name is Ramiro Mercado from Peru and I would like to say hello to all people reading this.

I am 22 years old and practise Calisthenics since almost five years.
My relation to this sport began when I finished University in a not all too good physical shape. I got the desire to start training close to my home where some outdoor bars and parallels where situated. Almost at the same time the boom of watching muscle-ups etc. started to dominate social media in Peru.

I searched on the internet for tutorials and created a gym in my home, where this all actually started. In Peru the sport has been governed by association, running leagues in different disciplines Freestyle and power & strength. We have regional and national competitions and my relationship with the ASWCP is as good as with the other association.

The virtual event organized by the Colombian Event Organization called M7 Rainer was great! It was the First time a virtual competition like this had been realized; I participated in the discipline Resitstance. I send in a video for qualification and got selected, so the journey started, with about sixty participants.

I made 32 handstand push-ups myself while31 athletes passed. The next round was based upon a routine judged by time, regularity in form of exercise, quality of video. Actually quality was of more importance than time. I did the routine and it was tough, only 9 people passed, including me. Next round routine again with the accent on performance. I won the finals, was super happy and excited and would like to thank M7 Rainer for this great initiative during the quarantaine period.

My next goal is to create stronger resistance by practicing Weighted Calisthenics ’1 rep max’. I would like to end by saying that the power of now is of the greatest importance and essential for changing your life. Calisthenics is a great sport for making new friends, increase physical health and get a richer social life: Playful in the discipline of daily life!

Ramiro Mercado