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Social inclusion through calisthenics

Calisthenics, also known as Street Workout is a bodyweight sport that is accessible by anyone, everywhere. The low barrier of entry and scalability to all fitness levels makes it the ideal sport to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The sport is rapidly gaining popularity around the globe as a social movement, especially amongst young people. We aim to involve as many people as possible in this social sport.

To combat the social exclusion of socially disadvantaged youth, particularly in urban areas, Sport@Street was created. A project with a partnership of experienced Calisthenics and Street Workout organizations and Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Sport@Street promotes the synergy between youth policies, sport and, social inclusion. So that everyone has a chance to experience the benefits of Calisthenics!

aims and objectives

The main objective of Sport@Street is to enhance the social inclusion of young people from deprived urban areas. To this end, the project has several aims.

Increasing social inclusion

Increasing the social inclusion and empowerment of disadvantaged youth by promoting the participation in sports activities by developing an innovative and sustainable model along with the necessary reference tools and materials that can be implemented by non-governmental organizations

promoting a healthy lifestyle

Promoting Street Workout and Calisthenics as a healthy lifestyle and engage young people through an improved training infrastructure

Opportunities for socializing

Providing the young people a real opportunity for improving their physical condition and have chance to socialize with other young people complementing each other, fostering their independence without the command of trainers/teachers

Improving cooperation

Promoting structured cooperation between organizations active in the field of sport that also work with people with fewer opportunities. Providing new opportunities for the involvement in sports activities and Non-Formal Education of young people in situations of disadvantage

Help each other grow the sport

Advancing networking in the field of sport and exchange of best practices among organizations that have experience in Erasmus+ Program, Calisthenics, and Street Workout organizations who have experience with the sport

Developing lasting partnerships

Promoting the development of long-term, high-quality partnerships, and proposals in the Erasmus+ Programme framework for organizations active at the European level in the field of youth, education, and sport

Our partners

Local Calisthenics Workshops

12 free workshops will be organized in five participating project countries under the responsibility of the hosting partner. Responsible for designing, “facilitating”, reporting on the development of the workshop, guaranteeing the participation of all relevant local stakeholders to embrace a wider audience, promote the street workout activities in urban and rural areas,  equal opportunities, and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity.

To participate in a local, free Calisthenics workshops hosted by The Calisthenics Club, click on one of the events below.

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