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The Great Outdoor Gym Company



The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO for short) is the UK pioneer of outdoor gyms – with a vision of creating healthy people and a healthy planet. 

We create inclusive, free fitness spaces in parks so that EVERYONE can benefit from physical activity. With over 2000 British made outdoor gyms exported worldwide, including a range of equipment for all abilities, we plant trees for every piece we install.

We love innovating and are the leaders in our field. Our innovations include electricity-generating outdoor gym equipment (TGO Power Smart) including SMART technology that measures activity and encourages participation, smart activator screens playing classes throughout the day, every day. And recently our Street Workout – Calisthenic Range including our Rig which was featured at the Kalos Stheno’s Championships in Birmingham last year.

TGO Activate is TGO’s sister company that sponsors athletes to compete in competitions like this to support the growing sport but also to bring communities together. Inspiring people to get active, helping to support our mission to create healthy people and a health planet.

We believe movement is the best form of medicine and can help us all live our best lives. Sustainability starts with ourselves and choosing a healthier lifestyle.

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