The Sport of the Future Achievements 2019 – 2020

Dear Sports Community,

Today’s article is about the creation of The Calisthenics Club (hereinafter “TCC”) and the work done in the past 18 months for the sport. We would like to explain to you how “The Sport of the Future” has started its international journey in the establishment of the new sport.



TCC” started with a vision and that was to unify the Calisthenics & Street Workout community and make it a better place. A sport that was unstable among its worldwide different type of organizations, without any structure and guidance, based on widely spread out social media accounts. 

Planning the agenda, creating organization structure & setting goals to achieve!



The first goal was to create insight and transparency into the sport and to investigate every single country in this world practicing the sport on an amateur or professional level. What type of organization had constituted themselves by legal documentations in every single country and found out what their references, interests, sports visions, and goals were. 

A huge amount of interviews started with a lot of athletes around the world to understand the needs of the communities.

During this research, we noticed that the sport was very divided but at the same time, started to grow up and that a lot of individuals understood that, by creating federations, associations or non-profit sports clubs they could get government help (fundings) to be able to sustain certain sports activities and to provide sports events to its participants and public. In this process, we also found that in the semi “Fitness branch” where Calisthenics & Street Workout would be categorized by governments, there was a growth of for-profit organizations and brands within the sport (companies, gyms & privatized clubs). These organizations have been promoting the sport and making it grow, each in their own regions and countries and some even internationally. They are doing a great job! Unfortunately, every single country/organization is doing this on their own behalf and thus the sport will never reach the status it really deserves. 

TCC” found a desirable urge and must to make a change and to unify all these organizations and provide structure, guidance, and coordination on an international scale to be able to create a recognized unified universal sport equal in each country. And so “The Sport of the Future” started its process. 



We started (next to all the work on building on the sport on a daily basis) a huge marketing & promotions campaign throughout the whole year to be able to promote athletes and organizations in the best professional and designed way. 

By creating a new style and way of promotion into the sport “TCC” strives to provide an image and way that athletes can be put in the spotlight for all their incredible crafts, working alongside professional photographs, videos crews, and animation companies “TCC” established great results in such a short and dynamic time. Our policy is to create our own content and maintain a high-quality standard for the Sport and its athletes.

Everything is to be seen on our Instagram/Facebook/Youtube and This all couldn’t have been done without “TCC” head of marketing and promotions; Miss. Kristine Trofimova, thank you for being a legend!



TCC” initiated the EU Commission Erasmus+ process and started building and investing in EU projects for the sport.



Most of the countries were very unsatisfied with the current situation in the sport and wanted to make changes. 

Sport is built on documentation, structure, coordination, transparency, and honesty!



During this periode we started several projects for the sport together with governmental entities, neighborhood coaches providing Calisthenics training to the youth in the Netherlands. SportiefZeist and MeanderOmnium. This all was under the coordination of “TCC youth coordinator Mr. Farid Bouchiki. 

Thank you Farid for setting up all these projects for the youth you have done a great job!



The first step was to write the Calisthenics & Street Workout “SportAccord” this is the umbrella document for all Calisthenics & Street Workout national federations/ associations/sports clubs as well as organizers of Calisthenics & Street Workout events and sport-related (for-profit) organizations. The Calisthenics & Street Workout “SportAccord” is an international sports agreement with 28 full members (national sports federations/associations/sports clubs governing Calisthenics & Street Workout sports in their country) and 24 associated members (organizations that conduct activities closely related to the national federations or as well known as regional sports activities). More countries have applied for membership and are in the application process. Check out the signed SportAccord document with all partners.

The Calisthenics & Street Workout “SportAccord” is an international agreement based on “IOC” (International Olympic Committee) standards and principles to give a foundation to the Sport. 

The full document of “SportAccord” part 1 is a 37 page, English written document (translated to Spanish) and has been proposed to the partner countries for votation. 

These documents are the official statutes of the International federation in formation. Based on this “SportAccord” there has been made “SportAccord” part 2 (51 pages + translated to Spanish) and part 3 is in process to define and state the whole international Calisthenics & StreetWorkout sports structure. The document (23 pages + translated to Spanish) of the formation of the General Assembly has been written and submitted to all the partner countries.



The Calisthenics & Street Workout “SportAccord” had been placed under votation among all partner countries and had been voted as a YES!

In this votation there has been submitted “article 44” which stated that “TCC” is the preliminary International governing body, coordinating, administrating and guiding in the countries in process of the establishment of the International Federation (non-profit) under “IOC” standards formed by all member countries together where democracy is the founding principle. “TCC” coordinates all international matters for the partner countries and supports them day and night by providing a huge support network.

To close the International pact and show the world the unified sport we are, we have created a full document where all signatures of all partner countries have been placed on recognizing the Calisthenics & Street Workout “SportAccord”.

And where no recognition to any other self-proclaimed or other type of association/federation would be given. The Calisthenics & Street Workout “SportAccord” has been signed, “article 44” has been approved and signed and thus the formation of a preliminary board of directors TCC + SportAccord members (operates like a workgroup for the sport) has been formed to start providing full international coordination and building on the universal sport with all the partner countries together.

National charter documents have been made as well. 

TCC” found that the sport has so much potential that it could definitely reach the Olympics and become a full “IOC” member and so it must start working on the national sports infrastructures worldwide. National Calisthenics & Street Workout “SportAccords” are being made with the countries as we speak providing a full structured overview and building a solid national foundation so that the sport can grow very fast.

Sport you build with people and not individually! 

TCC” has the responsibility to provide the infrastructure, coordination and support network to reach the goal and establishment of the democratically formed (non-profit) International Federation recognized by the “IOC” and formed by all the SportAccord members to create economical growth into the sport, organizations and its athletes, to provide ways to create social programs for its federations in governmental projects around the world.

Social inclusion through sport is a major factor of influence in it.



The Sport is now growing very fast and technology has been implemented ( + much more) to provide such assistance and structures to its often young and undeveloped organizations (more systems are entering into place for all the organizations to provide them more structure). A place was created where all athletes / teams & trainers can registrate and promote themselves! Every single registration on platform helps the sport gain sportsrecognition world wide! With these accounts, we will be able to show the world how big our sport actually is. So register on the platform and help to professionalize and reach the Olympics!

Mr. Maikel van den Broek came on board dealing with all backend details in the platform. Thank you Maikel for being part of the “TCC” crew, you are doing an excellent job!



TCC” had worked 7 months on a huge European project for the Sport together with “Progresso APM Consulting” and EU commission Erasmus + programs together with 10 partner countries (Calisthenics & Street Workout sports federations/associations) and 43 stakeholders worldwide. Official applications for “Sport Innovations” in this period have been made by the EU and the process has started!

TCC” strives to provide the best possible promotion for these EU projects and has made a professional promo-movie in the Netherlands and worked with an animation agency (Gomotion Productions). To promote Calisthenics & Street Workout to the highest level in the World. The promo-movie has been made to compliment all the European level projects we are organizing in the next coming year together with all the partner countries. Soon it will go online.

We have as well included all our “TCC“+ SportAccord” members around the world where we have started the initiative “Cali4Youth”. (International Calisthenics & Street Workout youth program) 

Here we are working also on a social program to implement Calisthenics into the schools, working with neighborhood coaches, youth academies, different economic classes of municipalities around the world stimulating the sport and movement with one’s own bodyweight. 

We are working with all the countries creating a worldwide document for the sport where any other country or person can have its benefit. If you want to be a part of this initiative please contact us. 

Next to that, we have submitted for “Sports Innovations” something very special!



TCC” officially opens an office in Brussels together with partner “Progresso APM Consulting”.



Together with our National Elite Athletes/Trainers, Melanie Driessen, Rico Mesa, Bassourama Kone, and Farid Bouchiki we have provided a full week of Calisthenics to a complete school in the Netherlands. From age 4 to 12 years old. The reactions were great and the school loved it as well as all its students. Rapports are being written out as we speak.



The second important step after the “SportAccord” was to establish the “General Assembly” which now has been formed and documented by all the full member countries together and that all sports matters are placed under a votation system deciding on the growth of the sport as a collective.



TCC” signed a partnership contract with a huge sports technology company named SportData. Together we will be building on the Sport to provide an infrastructure that is needed to gain sports recognition, become an Olympic discipline, and create a new innovative sports market. The new era where sports and technology come together providing new ways of a highly competitive and educational way of practicing sports on a daily basis. More details will follow in other articles.



A variation of sports committees has been set up. Starting to build on a universal sport together with the institutions and the world’s best elite athletes. Our priority is to create a healthy sports climate for any athlete in this sport. Where athletes can grow professionally and are taken good care of and may become our future Olympic athletes.

The demand for change is very high.

Also, the understanding among the world’s top elite athletes is huge that to grow the sport and make it something big we need to unify and work together like one big team to be able to leave something behind that will last forever. To change people’s lives, provide a highly competitive sports climate and as well as recreational for any person in this world where health standards are of great importance. More articles about this will follow!

Exchange of knowledge is crucial for this process!

TCC” works day and night together with all the partner countries in this process and we will keep on doing so until all the goals have been achieved!

Providing a huge support network “TCC” works alongside every single country helping them out and supporting anything they need to build the sport and provide insight into organizations nationally so that we can professionalize and bring it to the next level.

2019 – 2020 – 2021


The last year was about laying down a strong and solid foundation which has been achieved with a lot of victory for the sport. 

TCC” has had over “1000” worldwide Zoom meetings during this process, with the organizations, athletes, other sports “IOC” recognized International Federations, governmental entities, and so on.

Now it’s time to build further “The Sport of the Future” and this is just a matter of time this reaches the “IOC”.

We would like to invite anyone wanting to be part of this to contact us and help build on this unique and beautiful sport which changes people’s lives and brings a lot of positivity and good energy, what humanity needs the most nowadays!!! 

In the next following weeks, we will be down-breaking certain topics and explaining to you bit by bit how the sport is getting established. Keep an eye on us!!!

Lead by example and actions speak louder than words!

Last but not least “TCC” would like to thank all partner countries who have been part of the establishment of “The Sport of the Future” and believed in platform, believed in the vision of unifying and working all together, who have believed in every single step we have made and done together in the last 1 and half year building on the sport.

This couldn’t have happened without all of you together, So hereby we would like to thank every single partner country, organization and, athlete directly involved and wish them and all their beloved ones a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 2021 will be the year of lots of success for everybody. So let’s go get that GOLD!



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