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The Sportaccord

The SportAccord is a sports agreement that helps promote the sport and ensures the agreed organisations have the same goals

On 21.04.2022 we are proudly to announce that the ISF | International Streetlifting Federation together with the European Streetlifting Federation | EUSF and over 40 Street Sports organisations divided among 6 continents in the world promoting various sports disciplines like Streetlifting and Calisthenics have signed a new Sports Agreement under an MOU for the next 3 years for the various disciplines of these Street Sports.

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to record the principles and objectives that the parties expect to underpin their ongoing relationship under a Street SportAccord between representatives of various organisations (Federations, associations, clubs, gyms, companies) of street sports organising Streetlifting and Calisthenics championships in the world.

Street Sports are taking advantage of growing popularity, accessibility, and mass, uniting the people and meeting modern sports standards, by virtue of this, representing the most valuable material for the intensive development of human potential through physical education.

The interaction on the popularisation of Street Sports in the international community will promote the development of intercultural communication and the expansion of humanitarian cooperation between people and organisations around the world. To unite individuals and organisations interested in developing Streetlifting and Calisthenics, to expand the opportunities for athletes to participate in competitions, regardless of nationality, gender and religion.

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