Handbiker Tim de Vries: My Olympic dream

Since I was a child I was interested in and busy with sports

tim de vries on his handbike

As kids of divorced parents, my brother and I were privileged to choose a sport to practice, although we lived on welfare. I wasn’t the type of person who went for soccer. I had not so much to do with team sports. I didn’t like it and apparently, it seemed I was a little too selfish for it. As long as it concerned sports of course, as a person I wasn’t selfish at all! I was one of the few boys that went for gymnastics, did it for several years and even got involved with matches. Only at the level of clubs, but still. Since childhood, I was predisposed to become sturdy and muscular. It helped me absolutely with gymnastics.

After some years of practicing, I became aware, through a girlfriend on the camping, of the fact that jumping on the trampoline was a sport as well. And the one I actually liked most of all! I remember well that my mother and I frequented a sports hall in September 1994 where we saw people floating through the air in the back of the building. Just one thought occurred to me: This is what I want!

Just one thought occurred to me: This is what I want!

Then and there I met my girlfriend, with whom I am happily married nowadays, but at the same time, an Olympic Dream arose, which I still pursue these days. However, suddenly a big change appeared within this dream that turned into a Paralympic one……….

Author: Tim de Vries

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