What does Calisthenics provide you with?

A healthy lifestyle and lots of new friends!

What is your specialty / style?

Weighted calisthenics and streetlifting

How often do you train, with what – and how?

I train 6 days a week

How do you prepare for a competition battle?

Programming my workouts for specific competitions. Slowly increasing the volume or the weight.

How far do you go for the sports and where’s the boundary?

For now there are no boundaries

Who is your example athlete? Why?

Micha Schultz, very complete athlete. Strong with his legs and crazy strong on the dips!

1st Pull Ups/ 3rd Push Ups/3rd Dips Calisthenics Summer JamVenlo, Netherlands2019
City Battle RoyalBarzzVeldhoven, Netherlands2018
City Battle RoyalBarzzZeist, Netherlands2018
City Battle RoyalBarzzEindhoven, Netherlands2019
Calisthenics Summer JamVenlo, Netherlands2019
International Calisthenics Cup Royalbarzz2019
Gornation Meet UpMünster, Germany2020

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