Bartek Kruk


My name is Bartek Kruk and I am a Sets and Reps coach. I started calisthenics about 5 years ago and you can say it’s my biggest passion. For the first time I saw a video on YouTube and that video really motivated me to get stronger and build some muscle. Calisthenics really made my dream come true.

What makes Calisthenics such a great sport

The fact that you can do it anywhere. Like for example, when I go on a holiday, I just have to find a bar or even just use the floor and I can work out. It’s also great to meet some people in the park and just train together. You can really improve your body without using any weights.

Calisthenics talent in Poland

We have many talent in our country, both male and female. For instance in the women freestyle category we have many great athletes.

I really think Poland is in the world top. So compared to other countries we are doing very well.

To get the level up, the federation needs to organize more competitions and events I think. We need to show the kids our moves on the bar. One time when we did a show for people and after the show,  the kids started asking questions about it and wanted to do it themselves!

Calisthenics as an olympic sport

I think it must be an olympic sport, because it’s a really high level sport. It would be good for the sport, because then we will be having more sponsors and  more places to train. Calisthenics would give the people a really great show and they will love to watch it. When they see it on the Olympics, they would  probably also want to do it them selves.



Weighted CategorySlovakia2018
World Championship Power & StrengthRiga, Latvia2018
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalbarzzVeldhoven, Netherlands2018
World Championship Reps & SetsSerbia2019
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
National ChampionshipPoland2019
weighted categoryCzechia2019
World ChampionshipMoscow, Russia2019
Freestyle categoryPoland2019
National Championship Power & StrengthPoland2019
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