What does Calisthenics provide you with?

Calisthenics means everything to it gives me a sound mind with a sound body keep me focused and more disciplined in calisthenics and in life

What is your specialty / style?

Freestyle creativity moves

How often do you train, with what – and how?

Every monday wednesday friday at primitive and other days at home or gym

How do you prepare for a competition battle?

Freestyle seshs at primitive gym

How far do you go for the sports and where’s the boundary?

As far as possible van no boundaries

Who is your example athlete? Why?

The athletes from Colombia because of there crazy freestyle and because my roots is also there Great motivation

3rd Bar Battles Eindhoven Eindhoven, Netherlands2018
1st ICA Calisthenics BattleDublin, Ireland2019
3rd Game of BarzGenk, Belgium2019
2nd City BattleVeldhoven, Netherlands2019
National Championship Heesch, Netherlands2018
Bar Battles EindhovenEindhoven, Netherlands2018
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzVeldhoven, Netherlands2018
NLCB National championshipAmsterdam, Netherlands2019
ICA Calisthenics battleDublin, Ireland2019
Game of BarzGenk, Belgium2019
City BattleVeldhoven, Netherlands2019
International calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
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