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I practise freestyle for 8 years now and that also is the thing I do best in calisthenics. Right now I am a trainer for 3 years.

What makes Calisthenics such a great sport

It’s a unity. It’s just like one big family where everyone helps each other. You see the progress in your body and that’s just amazing. Also the elderly like this sport a lot.

Calisthenics talent in Colombia

The talent here is really great. People in Colombia have a lot of discipline. Because of that they are also very dedicated.  I think we need better organisations and have more competitions. Also it has to be promoted a lot more to get the level up.

Why calisthenics

It’s amazing for your health and to see the progress. A lot of people see this sport and think it’s very hard, but they don’t see that it’s also a beatiful sport and doesn’t have to be so hard. Also it’s amazing to achieve things that you never thought were possible.

Calisthenics as an olympic sport

My opinion is this that calisthenics is too similar to gymnastics. So I don’t know if it should be an Olympic Sport. I think there are too many different variations. But I would really like it to become Olympic, because I love the sport!

1st Copa Street Workout y Gimbarr PROVillavicencio, Colombia2016
1st Regional barsColombia2017
2nd Festival De VeranoBogota, Colombia2018
1st Regional BarsColombia2019
2nd Copa Interna M-7RAINER S.W.CColombia2019
2nd Competencia En Linea C.E.D.I CupFusagasugá, Colombia2020
Competencia Distrital S.W FreestyleBogota, Colombia2015
Torneo Street Workout Cuidad BonitaPopayán, Colombia2016
Copa Street Workout y Gimbarr Pro Villavicencio, Colombia2016
Festival Nacional De Street Workout y Calestenia M-7RAINERColombia2016
Festival Latino Americano De Street Workout y Calestenia M-7RAINERColombia2017
Regional BarsColombia2017
Festival Nacional De Street Workout y Calestenia M-7RAINERColombia2018
Festival De VeranoBogota, Colombia2018
Competencia Distrital S.W FreestyleBogota, Colombia2019
Regional BarsColombia2019
Copa Interna M-7RAINER S.W.CColombia2019
Stage Colombia WSWCFColombia2019
Street Battle M-7RAINERColombia2020
Competencia En Linea C.E.D.I CupFusagasugá, Colombia2020
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