How did you start with calisthenics?

I started with Calisthenics only about one year ago, so actually that hasn’t been a long time now. But I think my background really helps, because as a child I used to do gymnastics at a high level and when I was 12 I joined the circus. I used to perform with aerial silks: those long curtains on the ceiling where you climb on and hang from. All those things really come together with Calisthenics now.

What makes calisthenics such a great sport?

Calisthenics is such a great sport, because a lot of skills come together. It’s not only strength, but also flexibilty and creativity. Besides that, the whole social aspect of the sport makes it fun too. You are working out with others and there is no competition. You’re always helping each other out. It’s like one big community.

In gymnastics that’s totally different. There is a lot more competition with that sport.

Who can practice the sport?

Actually calistehnics is really for everyone. That’s mainly because you can make the exercises easier, but you can also make them more difficult.

What about the calisthenics talent in the Netherlands?

I am not yet that long around in this whole circuit, so that’s really a tough one, but when I look at the people around me at Primitive, than I would say that we have some very talented Dutch athletes.

I do think we have enough talent in the Netherlands and that there are enough possibilities, but we really have to promote te sport a lot more. In that way that for example previous gymnastic talents get to know about Calisthenics. Who knows where that might lead to?

For example if we would give more clinics or arrange mutual workouts with people from different countries with a higher level of talent, than the talent in the Netherlands would rise a lot quicker I think.

What makes the sport accessible for everyone?

Because you can really start at any level. When an exercise is too hard, like a pull-up, you can make it lighter by using an elastic band. But when an exercise is too easy, you can simply add weights to it. There are also a lot of tricks and skills you can learn, so you’re never done learning. That combination really makes it accessible to anyone.

Can calisthenics be an olympic sport?

For now I don’t think that’s an option, but there’s definitely potential there. I was present at a match a while back and during the game, the rules were suddenly just changed. So the participants who were first, got judged way differently than the last ones. That really shouldn’t happen again.

I think we at least all should have the same, steady rules.



1st place International Calisthenics Cup Royalbarz Utrecht, Netherlands2019
1st place WSWCF World Cup Stage ChomutovChomutov, Czechia2020
1st place Vici TournamentCopenhagen, Denmark2020
WSWCF World cup stageJūrmala, Latvia2020
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalbarzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
WSWCF World cup stageChomutov, Czechia2020
Vici TournamentCopenhagen, Denmark2020


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