Daniel Flefil


My name is Daniel, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Stockholm. For a little bit over 4 years I’m doing calisthenics now and at this moment it’s also my job.

I have my own YouTube channel, Instagram and all social media channels you can think of. I also organize events and competitions in Sweden. Besides that I participated in Swedens’ got talent and also in World’s got talent in China. That was a great way to show the sport to the world.

What makes Calisthenics such a great sport

You can really be yourself and get creative. Everybody has their own style and you’re not obligated to do it a certain way.

Calisthenics talent in Sweden

Right now we’re starting to get some young people really crazy for this sport and you could say they’re up and coming stars. When we started, there was nobody to teach us how to do it, nobody to guide us. When you look at Russia or Spain for instance, they have developed it very early, because they have a lot of outside parks. In Stockholm we only have 2 parks and it’s the biggest city in Sweden. So that makes it very hard for people to go out and train.

We try to get the talent up, but most people who teach calisthenics also have another job. Simply because there’s not enough money in the sport yet. My focus right now is to organize the best competitions and get athletes from abroad to participate. Our athletes have to get out of their comfort zone more and compete with people from other countries.

Why Calisthenics

First of all it’s super easy to start, because you don’t need equipment. You can start by simply doing pushups and then make them more difficult if you can. You don’t have to pay for a gym membership, because you only need a bar and a floor.

Calisthenics as an olympic sport

I don’t think it has developed enough yet. We are not united as one organisation. Everyone just has different rules, so if we can get everyone to work together, that would improve the chances of becoming an Olympic Sport a lot more. I definitely think it has a lot of potential to become Olympic.



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