My history with calisthenics begins in Medellin, Colombia where I started training alone on a swing bar near my house almost 5 years ago. The first year was very frustrating due to the fact that I hadn´t references to advance an due to my weight at the time of 84 kg and my age 35 years but I never gave up and began to see the first positive results.

After that hard year, boys from a nearby school became interested in learning the few movements that I had learned and I formed my first group of calisthenics athletes called Sickbarz where  I began to train them with the self-taught knowledge that I had gained  by viewing videos of the Barstarzz group and the legend Hannibal For King

Little by little, groups like mine were created in different parts of the city of Medellin and the calisthenic movement grew exponentially. This gave me the opportunity to meet different leaders and athletes from other calisthenics groups and we began to develop championships between the groups that were emerging.

At this time, an important change was unleashed in Medellín within the calisthenics community since after 2 years there were about 8 teams, not counting the teams from the nearby towns. At that moment, my Sickbarz team disappeared and I became part of the Bersserk Bars team in which after 2 months they named me as one of their leaders and there we began a serious work that gave very positive results.

As a team, Bersserk Bars managed to be a benchmark throughout Colombia, with very high-level athletes. In a matter of a year and a half we won several local and national championships through athletes like Bryan Henao, Harri Raigoza among others.

Bersserk Bars had a very important achievement in the world of calisthenics since an official athlete of our team Leandro Aguilar managed to be the first in the world to achieve the Swing 720 trick.

In my particular case, I was part of the streetworkout and calisthenics committee of Antioquia (department to which the city of Medellín belongs) together with the leaders of the different groups that existed at that time. We work together to improve calisthenics parks, get sponsorships to be able to travel to the different championships that were held around Colombia, implementation of safety and improvements for each team.

I had already been developing as a calisthenics coach for 3 years when I decided to professionalize myself a little more and got the title of specialist trainer in streetworkout and calisthenics from the FESWC.

I have participated as a judge in several competitions in Medellín achieving excellent results for the athlete community due to the clarity of our scoring system, developed by Julián Gallo, partner and leader of the city of Medellín.

Finally, after living 7 wonderful years in Colombia, living multiple experiences and adventures and meeting the best athletes in the country, in February 2019 I moved to live with my family in Tarragona, Spain, where I am currently the resident coach of the area calisthenics in Salting Tarraco (Trampoline Park)

I also give personalized calisthenics classes (routines, freestyle, isometric movements) and handstand masterclass for beginners and intermediates in differents calisthenics parks in the city and around Tarragona.

On a personal level I train 6 days a week, dedicating 2 or 3 days to freestyle sessions and the rest of the days, improvement of the handstand, general strengthening with series and repetitions and isometric exercises. I take good care of my diet and rest and I go to the physiotherapist 1 or 2 times a month.

Calisthenics is my passion, my way of making a living and I am immensely grateful to this sport for giving me the opportunity
improve myself every day as a coach, athlete and person.

Copa Club Xforzarse Rionegro (FREESTYLE JUDGE)Rionegro, Colombia2018
Campeonato Inder Medellin (FREESTYLE JUDGE))Medellín, Colombia2018
Copa SWC Amalfi (FREESTYLE JUDGE))Amalfi, Colombia2017
Copa 8KBarz MedellínColombia2016
Copa Club Xforzarse Rionegro Rionegro, Colombia2016


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