Dennis Piccolo


I am a coach and athlete and I principally coach intermediate to advanced athletes to reach their goals and skills in and weighted cali. I train at a famous gym, called Das Gym, where a lot of professional athletes also workout.

What makes calisthenics such a great sport

To me it’s a sport that you can do everywhere and everyone can do it. It’s very complex and that’s what makes it so interesting. At the same time you learn how to control your body and get stronger by doing that. You look better, get stronger and you can do stuff you couldn’t do before.

How accessible is the sport

It’s really approachable for everyone. Most of the basic movements you find in calisthenics are very natural and healthy movements, which work well for kids aswell as for older people, like 50 years and older.

Calisthenics talent in Austria

Austria is in my opinion pretty far back in talent, as far as freestyle calisthenics goes. The freestyle scene is still pretty new here and has to grow a lot, but there are a few young talents. Most of the poeple you find aren’t measurable to other countries like France, Spain and Italy for example.

I think we have enough talent, but Austria is a pretty small country. I think the sport still needs to develop a while to get more people into it before we find new talent. There are some organistations that are working very hard trying to get motivated people to start the sports. We would be able to get the sport to a higher level trough coaching, workshops and events where you get to know people from all over the world and share information.

Why Calisthenics

 Because of the natural and healthy movements that you find in calisthenics and because this sport is really accessible for everyone and all ages.

Calisthenics as an Olympic sport

I think calisthenics for sure has the potential to become an Olympic Sport, but I think we still have to figure out clear rules. Because the thing that is really missing are universial rules and a good devision between weighted and freestyle calisthenics. I think that weighted calisthenics has made itself quite clear with clear rules, while the freestyle scene is still fighting with good rules set.

2nd - International Freestyle ChampionshipVienna, Austria2017
2nd - International Freestyle ChampionshipVienna, Austria2018
International Freestyle ChampionshipVienna, Austria2017
International Freestyle ChampionshipVienna, Austria2018
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