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What is

I am the founder of Barliners workouts, which is the first and biggest community in Berlin. I am also the founder of .. ? .. This event started in 2015, but the name was different. For me calisthenics is a very important sport and I’m doing it for a long time now. I have always believed in the sport and I think it has developed really well. People are really dedicated to this sport and I believe it will grow a lot more.

What makes calisthenics such a great sport

It’s such a natural way of strength training I think. I am a former gymnast and I was training gymnastics at a very professional level. Actually it was more ground gymnastics, but even then I already felt the possibilities of working out with your own body and without any tools like weights or machines. Every since I was a child I always believed your body is a great tool already. Calisthenics is a perfect way to show this.

Calisthenics talent in Germany

I think there are a lot of young people that I never saw before, but right now I see them all over social media. The scene used to be really small and everyone would know each other, so you notice new people right away.

Normally Germany was always typical about sets and reps, weighted calisthenics was not so popular here. Right now that’s getting a lot more and even the freestyle scene is growing a lot in Germany. The only thing is, these athletes are now so well known, because they don’t have to money or time to show themselves to the public.

To develop new talent I think that there could be more possibilities. When you look at gymnastic gyms, they are mostly closed for non gymnasts. So the athletes can only workout in the parks, but that’s only when the weather is good enough ofcourse. Unfortunately we don’t have enough indoor calisthenics opportunities.

Right now we are working on our own gym which is specially for calisthenics. That way we can hopefully create a safe indoor calisthenics environment. Also the quality of the trainers have to be a lot more improved.

Why calisthenics

It’s a great start for any kind of training. Like no matter what sport, crossfit or whatever. Before you start with weights, first get to know your own body and understand how it works. Calisthenics is very inspiring and creative aswell and it’s not only pshysical, but also great for the mind aswell.

Calisthenics as an olympic sport

I think the time is not there yet. But when you look at Breakdancing for example, that’s a really old sport and it made it to the Olympics. I think calisthenics, with all this creative elements, can definitely become an Olympic sport aswell, but it needs more time.

1st German Championship by BaristerBremen, Germany2015
Barhunters Beast BattlesZwickau, Germany2015
Barhunters Beast BattleZwickau, Germany2016
German Championship by BaristiBremen, Germany2015
Barhunters Beast BattlesZwickau, Germany2015
Barhunters Beast BattlesZwickau, Germany2016
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