Guido Soetman 

Co-owner and founder GoalTrainers in Wageningen

How did GoalTrainers excist

In 2015 I was working at a gym in Amsterdam and I noticed that there were a lot of people working out without a motive and wit a lack of passion; like ‘I do it because I have to’. So I was thinking, okay there has to be a way to change that. That’s when I started a calisthenics trainingsgroup where we all stimulated eachother and gave a lot of feedback to eachother. The group rapidly grew and soon there was a very positive dynamics. Training like this was fun. And we all set goals ánd achieved our goals together. That whole idea of working out together, no matter what age or level, that’s what we used and brought to GoalTrainers.

What makes Calisthenics such a beautiful sport

The movement complexity and keep on discovering new things, while repeating the basics.

You workout for strength, stamina, balance and mobility. You can renew the movements; make it better and nicer. You train by using your bodyweight and you don’t need anything else. The world is like a big playground that way. You can workout anywhere and using anything.

How accessible is calisthenics

Calisthenics is super accessible; if you have a body, you can do it. Simply walking or walking up the stairs is already a form of calisthenics. Also people with a physical disability can workout. Right now we are trying to get a parc in Wageningen with adjustments for wheelchairs.

Calisthenics Talent In Holland

I don’t really believe in talent. I think it has to do a lot more with working lust. In the Netherlands there’s often not enough ‘work effort’ being put in. The talent we have now is because they are working their ass off. Calisthenics for me is a lot more about awareness, being one with your body. Train hard, feel everything, preferedly in the nature and together with like minded people. So talent really isn’t that relevant for me.

Why Calisthenics

The youth lacks on something fundamental, which is intention; the willingness to put yourself to do something. Even getting up is a problem for some. That’s why we must integrate the sport on every high school. Starting everyday with an hour of bodyweight training; one day mobility, the other day strength, conditioning, everything. Learn in a playful manner, more monkey like movements and stuff. Playinh outside should be a course.

Calisthenics like an Olympic Sport

I’m not against it, but if we would frame calisthenics as an Olympic Sport, than it wouldn’t be more approachable. You might even create a distance, because you see the athletes performing these difficult movements.

I am all for accessiblity. Everyone must be able to do it, at their own level. For me ‘the corporate willingness to work and grow together’, really comes first. And that is also our drive at GoalTrainers.

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