Hendri Vermeer

About …

I am currently living in Randwijk and my passions mainly is sport and also carrying that out to other people. Well, here’s how I do that; first of all I am a sports instructor at military. Besides that I also own my own company where I provide online coaching sessions in which I offer personal schedules and help people achieving their goals this way.

What makes calisthenics such a great sport

I think it’s especially great to see what you can do and achieve with your body. For instance you have short term goals, in which you can achieve a lot, but you also have long term goals that can take a pretty long time to achieve. So wanting to be able to do an exercise that requires a lot of practising and eventually being able to do that, that’s such a great feeling. At the same time you are creating new goals, but you still have to maintain the skills that you already got. That’s something I really missed in the fitness scene. Then I got to put on an extra weight and I thought oh that’s nice, but with calisthenics you’ll be able to do a whole new exercise. The other thing that I think is amazing to see, is that the social aspect of it is extremely good. For example when you have a question, everyone is willing to help you with it. That whole vibe is just a wonderful feeling.

How accessible is calisthenics

It’s accessible for all ages, but a lot of the times people are scared away because they see the things that are being done. While actually it simply starts by just hanging or something, not even a pull-up. For instance when you do a plank or squat with your own bodyweight. I always use this example of an old man I met. He saw his grandson doing gymnastics and he wanted to do something with that aswell. At this moment he already went from L-sit to a handstand.

Calisthenics talent in the Netherlands

If you’re talking about the talents I now already know and see, I think those people could become a lot more famous. You notice they get asked sometimes or they have a small sponsor sometimes. I don’t think the sport and the athletes are being praised enough. But that also has got to do with the fact that it still has to grow a lot more.

There’s always enough talent development, if they work hard enough. Ofcourse one has to work a lot harder than the other for a certain skill, but still there might be a lot of talented people out there, who don’t even know it yet.

To get the level up I think we need to have everyone on paper more clearly. For instance with the contests; that exercise is worth that many points, that one that many, etc. Then people will know how difficult a certain exercise is and how much points it’s worth. I think that’s the way to get the level up.

Why calisthenics 

Well, because it’s so variated and accessible for anyone.

Calisthenics as an Olympic Sport

Right now the sport isn’t at an Olympic level yet, because there’s still too much uncertainty about the rules. Not only for the judges but for the athletes aswell. The rules need to be a lot more clear and organisations have to tighten up the games.


3rd Barz squadAmsterdam, Netherlands2017
2nd weighted Muscle Ups International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
1st Muscle Ups NLCB CompetitionDieren, Netherlands2019
1st Pull Ups NLCB CompetitionDieren, Netherlands2019
Royalbarzz Sap CupVeldhoven, Netherlands2017
Street Workout BilefeldBielefeld, Germany2018
RoyalBarzz City BattleBiddinghuizen, Netherlands2018
International Calisthenics Cup RoyalBarzzUtrecht, Netherlands2019
NLCB competitionDieren, Netherlands2019
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